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*Warning: This story is a sequel to another and might provide a few minor spoilers for Breath of the Wild. If you want to read the first part, you can do so right here:  Dancing Memories
*Warning: This story contains a few minor spoilers for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.*
He wasn't entirely sure whether this plan would work.
Stuck at the Kara Kara Bazaar, Link needed to get into the city to get more information and find a way toward freeing Divine Beast Naboris from Ganon's clutches, yet an unprecedented obstacle had blocked his path toward his noble quest: they weren't letting men get inside Gerudo Town. ''Voe'', as they named them, were forbidden entrance as per their customs and laws, so even though he needed to get in to get supplies, get some intelligence on the surroundings and some help from the locals, his demands fell on dear ears as the law was strict and clear: he wouldn't enter inside through conventional means. Rumours had it, though, that a particular merchant had found a way in, a trick that would make it so he'd get some progress on this quest of his. However, it was not exactly what Link expected...
He'd have to dress like a woman to get

Thankfully, the plan had worked. Now walking inside Gerudo Town, all Link had to do was make sure that no one would find him suspicious, or else he'd have to find yet another way to enter the premise. Now on his way to find information and perhaps some help on how to best approach Divine Beast Naboris, he went from one stall to the other, talking to people as they all seemed to be fooled by his appearance, each of them calling them a variation of ''little Vai'', which he was now aware was a saying for small woman. Inspecting himself even further, he sighed as he could see just why exactly he could easily pass for a woman. A slim stomach, a more athletic build rather than a buff one, his long hair, his petite hips, along with the veil to hide his adam's apple and the ample pants hiding his crotch did make for a particularly ingenious way to pass as a female. As he walked, the memories that he had unlocked within his mind, those that made him remember the first time he wore this outfit, made him remember the best kind of stance in which to take advantage of this outfit for battle as well as for dancing, which made even his demeanor a tool to further trick the inhabitants of Gerudo Town.

Caught in a mixture between excitation due to wearing the outfit once more and a touch of fear of being caught, Link nonetheless had to soldier on if he was to free all of Hyrule. Putting on this outfit, despite the good memories that it brought back, was most assuredly one of the lesser challenges he would have to go through with. Getting to one last shop before calling it a night, Link went on to approach a tall Gerudo in distress, one dressed in a green skirt, sporting a great many accessories as she looked at him as if he was her salvation.

''You there! I'm sorry to barge in like this, but I need the help of a traveler and a Vai like you might be my only hope!''

Caught a little by surprise at this direct demand, Link tried to calm her down with a few gestures before looking at her in the eye. It seemed, for whatever reason, people seemed to trust him implicitly with their demands and their dangerous tasks, much like this one did. A champion not only due to training, but at heart, he couldn't properly refuse to at least hear her query as he replied. ''What's wrong? You look rather distressed...''

''It has been weeks since I've not received any shipment for my store and I'm starting to lose my business. We usually have plenty of travelers, which makes it easier for me to sell my products, but with Divine Beast Naboris threatening the Town and its surroundings, there are no more travelers, nor any merchants to bring me the material I need. You're the first Vai that I've seen enter in a while and I think you're my only hope. Would you help?''

While there were certainly no one that would end up being in true danger if that shop didn't create new accessories, Link did feel sorry for that woman as she seemed truly desperate, her own passion about her work being easy enough to understand due to her tone and the fact that she would try to get help from a random stranger if it could help her situation. ''What exactly do you need?''

''I have some gems left, as well as some accessories to sell, but if I am to produce more, then I'm going to need some flint. At least 10 pieces to be able to truly work my art,'' she explained, going inside her store as she showed up a few of her pieces. Earrings, rings, diadems, circlets and crowns were posed on little cushions, displayed in all their shiny glory as topazes, rubies, sapphires and other precious stones made them all sparkle in true opulence. ''This kind of work requires good material, so it's vital that you get me 10 pieces of flint. It's with quality rock that I can make things like these.''

Observing what she had created, Link could see that she indeed had a lot of talent. However, as he looked around, he realized that there was one last piece that she had to show as she approached him with a small red and gold box in her hand. Opening it up before him, she revealed a peculiar, yet well-made accessory that, for some reason, Link instantly recognized as a belly ring. As he looked at it, however, his mind began to get a little fuzzy...

Then a memory rush penetrated his mind as he began to recall another important memory...

* * *

''Are you quite sure that this is really necessary?''

''Of course, Link,'' Urbosa said, bringing herself to her knees so as to have a better view of his naked stomach, bringing her fingers closer to his navel. ''This belly ring, which has been tailor-made for you, shall help you in your combat-training, as well as in your dancing lessons I've been giving you.''

Clad once more in this revealing outfit that she had given him, Link felt a little more at ease wearing it due to all these training sessions and the growing intimacy and trust he had for Urbosa, yet he wasn't exactly certain if he wanted to be clad in matching accessories and pampered up like this. ''Are you sure you don't just want to make me prettier or something?''

''There is no reason that beauty and strength can't go hand-in-hand when it comes to style and practicality, Link,'' she said, teasing him with a wink as she then pierced his belly, installing the ring with an expert's touch. ''Here, drink this elixir to heal up the sting. It'll make you feel accustomed to the ring in a quicker fashion.''

Drinking from the little vial that she had brought along with her, the small irritation and the sting of the belly ring did subside dramatically, as the cold metal began to warm up due to his own body heat. His stomach squirming a little due to this odd sensation, he looked at it with a small measure of embarrassment, as if things were starting to get out of control with this outfit of his. He did appreciate the gift and the attention, along with the other benefits, yet there was a nagging thought that kept on popping up within his mind, a confusion as to why exactly he kept on wearing it when he knew he could just converse with Urbosa and be done with it. She was a reasonable woman and, if it truly annoyed him, she'd simply let him dress the way he would choose, yet a part of him always froze up when he thought of bringing up the subject. Not understanding why, he tried to push those thoughts aside so as to focus on their training together. ''Shall we get on with it then? Shall we pick up a lance, a scimitar...Maybe archery this time around?''

''Actually, Link, I think it would be best for you to accustom yourself to the belly ring first. It could prove to be a distraction and that would be unfair. We're going to start with the dancing, if you don't mind,'' Urbosa suggested with a little smile, leaving some time for Link to answer.

Puzzled by this proposition, Link knew not what to respond to that. Usually, the dancing session was kept as the second part of their training, a calmer moment that, more often than not, led to intimacy. It didn't always ended up in a more amorous fashion, yet Link knew well enough that it was mostly to calm themselves down from the heat of battle, changing it to a different heat altogether. In truth, he knew not exactly why Urbosa had taken such a liking to him or why their relationship, if it was actually one, was so confusing in terms of what they were and what they weren't. Were they lovers? Were they simply friends with some special benefits? Was it merely their hormones and the bond of battles that made them get closer, or was it raw lust that demanded that both act upon their impulses? He had no idea, thus why those sessions were both an impossible boon to his heart, but also constant headaches. Still, she required an answer and, perhaps, she had some form of plan as to how things would proceed. Maybe this would simply be a simple dance session and nothing more. ''I...suppose it couldn't hurt. We could always fight each other another time...''

''I'm glad to hear this, Link,'' Urbosa warmly said, as she then picked up a little something from a pouch she was carrying on her sash. Grabbing a medallion attached to a small metallic string, she then presented it to Link as its golden composition was almost hidden away by the many diamonds and onyxes that were placed in two spirals nearly melting into each other. ''I've also got something tailor-made for this, a little trinket that ought to make your training all the more fruitful.''

Observing the medallion, Link could see that Urbosa did not seem to mind spending rupees on such things, feeling a little cheap that he was always on the receiving end of such attention. Perhaps it was a fancy of hers, as she was revered amongst the Gerudos, being their champion most assuredly bringing opportunity and prestige. However, there was a part of him that made him believe, however slightly, that she did not mind spending on things that were connected to their sessions, to him in particular. Pushing that thought aside, uncertain what he should feel on the subject, Link looked at the medallion, then at Urbosa with a puzzled expression barely hidden by the veil on his face. ''It is quite beautiful...But in what capacity will this help us?''

''That is a fair question, Link. Have you ever heard of hypnosis?'' Urbosa asked, removing the medallion from Link's sight so that he could focus on her instead.

''A little. From what I know, it's used to help people relax and, in some stories, to make them do things against their will,'' Link said, a little dubious as to where Urbosa was going with this. ''Are you planning on hypnotizing me?''

'' You're partly right in your understanding, Link. Hypnosis allows people to relax and to listen to suggestions, focusing on a few key things as the hypnotist make them follow along instructions, calming them in the process. It cannot, in its normal form, make you do anything that you would not normally do, as the one under still possess a modicum of control,'' Urbosa explained, crossing her arms as she looked at Link, trying to ease his worries. ''As to your question, I was planning on doing this to help you with your dancing. You've made some progress, some delightful ones even, but I feel that you lack a certain concentration due to some nagging thoughts in your head. By using this, I might be able to let you relax and make sure your muscle memory retains all the information you need. Would you be open to try this?''

Her tone did indicate that he had a choice in the matter, that he could just refuse right here and now. Even in her own explanation, there would still be a part of himself that would lose control to her, as he'd relinquish his thought process in a manner to make him more suggestible. As a champion and as the protector of Princess Zelda, he had to be in control all the time, to be able to make tough decisions in seconds, which was a constant source of worry whenever the Princess went through another trial out there in the wild. A small part of him, however, was curious as to how it would feel to be hypnotized, especially by Urbosa, as he intrinsically knew that she wouldn't take advantage of him. As a fellow champion, but also as a dear friend, he had the insight that he could trust her with his life. Perhaps, then, there would be no harm in merely trying, just this once. If he didn't like it, he could always tell her and that would be the end of it. Gulping down as if this decision took a dramatic amount of courage to take, he looked at her straight in the eyes before responding. ''I figure that we could always try...Just...Don't take advantage, okay?''

With a little smile and a hearty chuckle, Urbosa looked at him, amused by his reaction. ''Do not worry, Link. I would never make you do anything that you wouldn't normally do. You can trust me on this,'' she declared as she then presented the medallion before his eyes once more, this time holding the strings with two fingers. ''Now, I want you to stand tall and to look at the medallion. Let me do all the rest and just listen and follow along~''

There was still a small part of him that held doubt and a little fear, but then Link could see a genuine form of enthusiasm in Urbosa's face, one that indicated that he was pleasing her with his answer and his actions. Setting aside his feelings for the moment, he watched the medallion in silence as it began to swing from left to right in a back-and-forth motion. Consistent in its rhythm, acting like a pendulum, Link's eyes followed along as Urbosa had asked of him, crossing his arms as if his body itself expressed skepticism, wishing to protect itself from this unknown phenomenon.

''Yes, just look at the medallion as it swings before your eyes. As you look at its surface and observe its slow motions, you will breathe in and out in a calm manner, letting your body relax little by little,'' she began to say, her voice gentle and calm, soothing in its very tone. ''As you breathe, you shall feel a growing tranquility in your mind and your body, as little by little, you will began to feel relaxed and a little slack, your muscles getting softer and your stance less rigid. Just continue to look at the medallion as you listen to my voice and you will feel that everything will be fine~''

Doing as she said, in the spirit of cooperation, his eyes went on to fix themselves on the golden medallion, as the shine of those gemstones did catch his eyes. In a way, he did see that it was a rather splendid piece of work, as he began to consciously breathe slowly to follow along with her words. Observing the rather pleasant piece of jewelry that Urbosa was using to try and bring him under, Link did begin to feel a little more at ease, his own fears a little subsided as her voice and the slow pacing gave him a chance to calm down, to relax.

Still swinging it in a constant and efficient manner, Urbosa barely had to try anymore to make the pendulum motion of the medallion work, the motion almost automatic at this point as she continued talking, her voice even and soothing. ''You're doing well, Link. As you follow the medallion and relax further and further, you'll feel that any itches and fatigue that you may feel will start to dissipate as you begin to focus more and more on the motions that it makes along with my voice,'' she suggested, observing how his stance had subtly changed as he watched along. ''As you feel more at ease, your trust in me will only grow as any resistance will start to fade away, letting you relax even further as you'll feel a gentle tranquility, a soothing embrace that you will start to seek out on your own~''

His eyes stuck on the medallion, he did start to feel a little calmer, as an almost serene disposition began to pervade his mind. The shine of the medallion, combined with the small glow of the sun on the surface of the gemstones, captivated him as his breathing got more regular, in rhythm with the motions of the trinket itself. Unaware of this, his own body began to feel a little disconnected, his muscles relaxing themselves as if a gentle massage had removed any form of pain or restlessness that he had, letting him truly bask in this sensation that Urbosa was giving him. His connection to her, not only as a champion, but due to their intimacy, was brought back to the edge of his mind as he did feel good in following along her words, sensing that nothing right now could go wrong.

''The less you fight it and the more you embrace, the better it feels as you slowly let yourself drift away into a nice trance. Relaxed and happy, you just follow along the medallion as it goes back...and forth...and back...and forth...Leaving you in my gentle grasp as you begin to feel better and better,'' Urbosa said, her tone getting a little more soothing and pleasant, upping her game as she felt that Link was playing along wonderfully. ''All your worries, your questions and your doubts are starting to wander off, leaving you with the desire to focus on nothing else but my voice and the medallion. As you bask in this sensation, you are going even deeper into a trance, one that is inevitably making you much more open to what I'm saying, as you feel that everything is right and beautiful~''

His uncertainty about hypnosis certainly being dissuaded, Link went on to feel his muscles truly let go as he felt wobbly, a little dizzy, yet also quite relaxed as his breathing still followed along the motions of the medallion. He felt nice, as his vision began to blur out little details one at a time, with the medallion being spared this particular effect. His concentration unbroken, he did want to watch and to listen, those desires starting to become second nature as he felt in a bizarre sort of bliss. Nothing mattered right now except the present, with the medallion and Urbosa. Finding this state of mind strange, yet somewhat natural, he began to smile under his veil as he felt warm and happy, his stance changing from a rigid and disciplined warrior to that of a gentle and docile soul, one that he felt no need to hide as his trance went further along.

''You are deeply hypnotized now, happily put under a trance and in my power and you feel nothing wrong with that. You trust me and so you shall act and respond in honesty, according to your true nature and to your real desires, as you feel that there is nothing to hide, that there is nothing wrong with what is happening,'' Urbosa went on to say, her command taking form in a gentle tone as her voice got just a little huskier, as if she herself found this situation to be relaxing and stimulating for her as well. ''Now, as deep as you are, I want you to prepare yourself for bliss as I have another surprise for you, one that I had in mind should you be receptive to this experience. Would you be interested in trying it? Do you trust me?''

With his own second-thoughts and his hesitation removed from the board, Link did indeed want to know what she had in store for him. She had been nothing but kind and passionate with him, so there wasn't any reason to hold doubt against her, as he began to speak for the first time while under this wonderful trance, the words coming out of his mouth on their own. ''I want to feel it...I trust you...''

With a smile on her face, Urbosa knew that her theory proved to be correct as he had succumbed, like she had planned. Thus, bringing her power over thunder and storm through her fingertips, a small current of electricity began to course through the metal wire connected to the medallion as the energy began to make the gemstones glow and sparkle, bringing new life to them. ''Continue to focus on the medallion and on my voice, Link, as you feel them both overwhelm you, bringing your heart, mind and soul to an unknown peace that you cannot ignore,'' she said, channeling her power in a continuous fashion as the medallion shone like never before. ''Let my power bring you in an ecstasy that you want nothing more but to experience. Let me make you feel better and better as you feel that your trust in me is rewarded with each passing moments~''

The light and motions being electric and most definitely mesmerizing, Link began to truly lose himself in this hypnotic bliss that he found himself in as something magical began to happen within. His heartbeat rising as well as his body temperature, he felt himself get aroused about all of this, as if something hidden had been unlocked within his spirit. Feeling that his crotch was on fire, he began to slowly get erect as he began to smile even more due to this impossible happiness and peace that he was currently living. Unbeknownst to him, though, was that his own irises had began to distort themselves, his green eyes turning into black and white spirals that began to mimic the gemstones that sparkled so enticingly before his gaze.

Urbosa, however, could not help but notice as she then went on to continue this amazing experience, pleased about how things were turning out. ''You love losing control, it seems. I've noticed that, whenever we get intimate, you have never taken the lead, nor did you ever ask to do just that. That outfit you're wearing so well could have been a one-time thing, and yet you constantly wear it whenever we train despite you having the choice to not choose this garment. In truth, you relish this kind of experience, as you always need to be in control as a champion, as a knight and as per your destiny. However, under this trance, your true feelings are plain to see. You could have broken away anytime you wanted, yet here we are as you fall even deeper into this hypnotic bliss~'' she declared, her voice filled with a certain confidence as it was clear that she spoke from wisdom and experience. ''Know that there is nothing wrong with that, Link, as your feelings are valid. One must know when to admit to weakness if they are to be strong, but what you're feeling is not weakness at all. It is truth and it liberates you, let you understand that you can be whatever you want, whenever you want. Be at peace with yourself and let your true feelings come out...And dance for me...''

Caught in some kind of void within his mind, save for Urbosa and her wonderful voice, a part of him acknowledged what she spoke of as truth. Not just because of his trance, but because of things that he hadn't yet understood and made peace with that came forward within his mindset. The line between his own thoughts and her words were blurry, but in this he felt certain, liberated even. With his heart beating even faster and his cheeks blushing, he rose his arms in the air and then went on to sway his hips to the motions of the medallion, doing this in a surprisingly fluid and graceful manner. His body and mind serene to a point that he never thought possible, he simply felt and obeyed. Not just because she told him to, but because that's what he wanted.

Even under his veil, Urbosa could tell that Link was overjoyed, showing an enthusiasm and a lack of shyness that was uncharacteristic of him whenever he wore that costume. Perhaps, in some manner, he had found a certain form of acceptance and pleasure in this predicament as she could not help herself but see his erection poking against the fabric of his pants. He was most certainly enjoying this as she kept up the energy in the medallion as sparks of electricity made the motion go a little faster, if only to ante up the process. ''Tell me how you truly feel, Link. Do you enjoy dancing like this? Do you like this outfit of yours, or do you simply wear it as a form of respect for me?''

His hips swaying and his balance being near-perfect despite his wobbly stance, Link saw the rapid motions of the medallion as his eyes began to spiral a little faster. Further entranced, his reactions were both automatism born from his trance, but also due to his own true desires as his mouth began to move by itself as his lips were still curled into a wondrous smile. ''I like dancing like this, not just for you, but because it's different from all the warrior's training that I've taken part of since my childhood,'' he explained, his honesty shining through as he felt that he had nothing to hide from Urbosa, with no shame or bias getting in the way of the truth. ''I felt that it was embarrassing at first to wear this, but the more I wore it, the better I felt. I felt...pretty in it, different. I wore it as a form of respect because it was a gift, but I've begun to love wearing it, even wearing it in secret whenever I'm alone.''

Chuckling heartily due to her own fears and doubts being vanquished, Urbosa couldn't help but find this spectacle arousing as well as Link did dance in a much better fashion than the last few times. His fears being pushed away, he seemed to remember her lessons very well, his body speaking as truthfully as his own soul as he rolled his belly and swished away on his feet, the dance becoming more intricate and passionate even as his gaze was locked onto the hypnotic medallion she held. ''Before this moment, what were the things that made you reluctant about dancing? What were your doubts about me?''

Aware of his own sensuality, he began to truly feel beautiful, to really embrace just how much he was loving this. As she said, beauty and strength could go side-by-side and not cancel each other, as he could be a warrior and a dancer, pretty and deadly, like the Gerudos, like Urbosa. Confiding even further as he answered, Link couldn't help himself but tell the truth, his trust in Urbosa being absolute at this point. ''I held doubt because I thought that my desires to train with you were nothing but carnal, that ever since we shared a few moments of passion with each other, that it would cloud my judgment and make me lose sight of my duty. I did not want to demean neither my role or yours in any fashion,'' he answered, the words never getting in the way of his performance as the belly ring swished on his naked stomach and his veil flapped due to his motions in the air. '' I held doubts that you were perhaps just lonely, that you were unhappy about your decisions about being a champion, that you would have no time for love and thus you took advantage of me to sate yourself. However, those doubts have passed...''

Curious about his own mysterious answer to her last question, Urbosa began to question if there was perhaps some hesitation left within Link'd mind, something that even this powerful trance would not let come out as she pressed further, speeding up the medallion a touch further as the spirals in his eyes basically overwhelmed him. ''And what made those doubts pass?''

As his trance got even stronger, the bliss that Link felt got even better as he felt as one with his costume and his dance, fueling up this ecstasy that he never knew he could ever achieve. Sweating profusely, his fatigue never registered with him as he felt he could go on for hours so much he enjoyed this. Yet, he spoke again so as to obey this impulse of his. '' I have experienced your compassion, your love and your care and I have no doubts that you have good intentions now. The way you try to make people better, me included, makes it hard not to give way to my desires when it is clearly what you seek. In truth, nobody gets hurt and I've yet to fail in any task because of these feelings...''

Rather astonished at how perceptive he was when he didn't feel the need to prove anything to others and to himself, Urbosa could see just why she had fallen for him in the first place. As aroused as she was by his wonderful dance, it was his spirit itself that was seducing her even more effectively as she slowed down the medallion a little, if only to let his mind catch up with the rest of his body. '' Here is a gift from me for these wonderful words, then. I want you to feel as if your skin itself becomes more and more sensitive. With every steps in your dance, with every motions, you shall feel the air swish around your naked skin, caressing you gently as if a tender and sensual embrace made the experience even better. Do you feel it, Link?''

Her suggestion taking hold near-instantly, he could indeed start to sense the warm air on his stomach, on his shoulders and on parts of his face, massaging him tenderly as a little moan escaped from his lips, making this moment all the more special as he felt hot and bothered, anxious for Urbosa to give him more suggestions and commands. Her gentle nature and her own desires made it impossible for him to resist the power she held him in, with Link desirous to prolong the experience as he felt better and better about himself. However, the medallion stopped swinging around, a fact he was unaware of because of his strong trance, as he never saw Urbosa coming near him, on her knees, as she kissed his belly once more. Her lips on his stomach felt good, better than ever, as her hot breath and warmth gave him a delirious bliss, making him moan in near-whisper. His skin still being sensitive, he was doubly helpless in this situation...And he was loving it.

The situation getting too much for her, Urbosa felt that they needed to express their sentiments in a much more physical way, as it was obvious from Link's bulge that he shared those feelings on the matter. Unable to let her own gaze away from his form, it was as if she was hypnotized herself by his beauty and his nature, unwilling to let her passions be unexpressed. However, as the ritual of the Gerudo dance of seduction required, it was her duty for her to go on and let him receive her enthusiasm through pleasure as she looked at this still spiraling eyes with a warm smile on her face. ''I want to unleash my passion on you, Link. Is there anything that you would like for me to do?''

With no fear of reprisal or shame, as even though he was hypnotized and truthful, Link knew in this state of mind that she would not judge him in the slightest for whatever demands he would vocalize. As such, he looked down at her, freed from the motion of the medallion, yet not from its effects. ''I've always felt guilt about how my pleasure had always been the focus whenever we loved each other...'' he said, getting on his own knees, then kissing her own muscular stomach. ''This time, let me grant you some happiness~''

The way he was confident in his desires and the sensation of his lips on her stomach almost made Urbosa lose herself as she couldn't help but fall in love with this newly self-assured Link. His clothing, his demeanour, his true-self shone brightly as her own arousal reached its peak. Getting on her back, she accepted his demand as she laid herself bare for him to enjoy, removing her garment to reveal her naked form. Without any word being spoken, it was time for the both of them to let their actions speak even louder.

Taking his cue, Link then went on to kiss her belly once more, showering it with affection as he made his way higher on her body. Keeping the veil on, he let it brush against her skin as he smelled her spicy and aroused scent, letting it drive him wild as he then reached her breasts. Placing a tender hand on the right nipple, he then began to kiss and lick her left one, determined to let his own sensual side do the talking as he enjoyed the firm, yet soft sensation of her skin and the taste it left in his mouth. Hearing her soft moans in reaction to what he was doing, Link couldn't help but feel bolder as he tried to keep himself in control, with plenty more to come as far as he was concerned.

Unused to being in this role, Urbosa nonetheless felt beyond pleased as the way Link acted drove her wild. Even though she was in a submissive role, it was truly because Link was dominated by her that this situation was possible, making this situation an intricate, but extremely satisfying one. She was in control, yet did not mind giving Link a shot at being in dominance for a few moments, if only to let him work through his own desires. Placing a hand tenderly behind his head, she encouraged him to continue, to let himself go even further as she whimpered and moaned, her reactions making it seems that she was asking for more of this treatment.

Link, however pleased that he was about how she was reacting, felt that he could do better, as he followed the scent of her arousal. Letting her fingers slip away from his hair, he continued to kiss and caress her as he then went on to her lower region, sliding a finger along her lower lips as he felt for certain that she was beyond pleased and excited. The scent overwhelming him, he then approached his lips and then began kissing her, tasting her honey with no reservation whatsoever.

Urbosa, surprised about this sudden turn of even, began to shiver as she felt his lips against her core, the tender sensation sending a few spasms through her back as it arched in response. A blissful smile on her face, she then placed both of her hands behind Link's head, letting him know that she was enjoying this and that she wanted more with naught a word being spoken. Excited, she tried to contain herself, yet this task proved to be much more difficult than she had guessed as his tongue went on to penetrate her core, lapping against her folds in a slow, yet efficient manner.

Going for more of her honey and her moans, Link was starting to get addicted, intoxicated by this warm and syrupy liquid as he felt that he could lick there for days should he have the permission to do so. Her lava-hot warmth combined with her wet flesh made it easy for his tongue to get lost, to explore every nooks and crannies that were offered to him as he closed his eyes and let the sensations bask over him. The way her hands gently pushed him, tasked him with continuous efforts from his part only encouraged him in his initiative as his tongue went deeper while his lips were now in constant contact with her lower ones, making it a passionate kiss that brought thunderous pleasure to the Gerudo champion.

The more he went on, the more Urbosa shook with pleasure as she moaned in delight. To have someone like Link lick and kiss her in this place with such caring devotion was one of the best feelings in the world, as her composure was lost, replaced by a hotness that she couldn't help but appreciate. Her legs getting stiffer as she rose them in reflex, she felt her climax coming as she began to say his name, prodding him to continue. ''Link~''

Continuing with his amorous task, Link buried himself nose-deep in her sex as he began to lap in one specific spot, one that he had identified as being of particular effectiveness, as Urbosa was always shaking crazily whenever he licked there. Nibbling and lapping in repetition, he then felt a gush of honey wash over him as she moaned loudly, allowing him to know that she had indeed reached a climax...The first that he would give her anyway as he continued to lick her honey, its taste being divine.

Urbosa, however, could not let this pass as she then rose up, animated by a furious lust as she looked at Link as if she was a predator and him her prey. Locking his arms with only one of her hand, she towered over him as he was now on her back, surprised by this turn-of-events. With a lustful smile and a gaze burning with desire, she observed his smaller frame and helplessness as she was on the verge of unleashing her fury upon him, to let him taste just how much her desires were making her burn up. However, she was less-prepared for his own reply to her actions.

''Please make me yours, Urbosa. Make me feel good~''

This demand, combined with his look, was enough to make her heart melt on the spot as he was too cute, too sexy, for her to contend with. Wanting to feel more of his tongue, she nonetheless could not let herself have all the fun as she pressed her butt against his face while she bent and began to lick his member, its erect state more than an indicative that he was looking forward to this. Having freed it from his pants, yet keeping them lowered just a little, she felt that Link was beyond beautiful in this outfit as her reasonable and calm attitude and stance were shattered by her growing amorous needs. Licking the tip of his member and enjoying its taste, it was really his moans that made her go even wilder as she continued to use his tongue to bring him to a new height, much like he had done a few seconds ago.

Link, however, knew how to recognize an opportunity when it struck as he pressed his face against her posterior, feeling its ample size and its warmth on his face as he pushed the veil aside. Continuing his oral attention, he too began to shiver a little as the attention he received was delightful, making him moan as he kissed and licked the sublime Urbosa. With his trance and his sensitivity still being a reality that he had to contend with, every single kisses and licks were doubly felt, as if he was being given attention in a blissfully hot manner, realizing a sexual nirvana that he couldn't truly comprehend in its full capacity. Despite it all, he never lost his focus as he licked and kissed, determined to make her reach yet another orgasm to thank her for all she had made him discover about himself.

Urbosa, beyond content that Link had not lost his bold streak, tried hard not to follow her impulses and crush Link's head beneath her butt, to make sure that he'd have enough space to breathe and to rest should it prove too much for him to bear. However, her attention was more on his member as it twitched and went into spasms continuously, threatening to let his load blow off at any moment. Through sheer force of will, however, it seemed that Link was able to hold it off, as if he was trying to prolong the experience. Flattered by this theory of hers, she followed along her initiative as she then went on to engulf his member, her blue lips sliding along his shaft as she then used her fingers to play with his testicles in the hope that new stimuli would make this experience all the more amazing for the Hylian Voe.

This proved to be too much for him to handle, however, as the constant arousal from the hypnosis, the dancing and the taste of her honey had left him quite vulnerable to such pleasurable acts as he exploded within her mouth, his semen going on to coat her mouth. This resulted in him stopping his licking for a few seconds as he moaned in pure approval, but it was his sheer dedication to what he wanted to made him return to her folds with renewed vigor and passion as he couldn't help himself but want more. In turn, his member got to full-mast in record time, the trance and sensitivity he was experiencing making it quite easy for him to get further aroused and excited.

Urbosa, though, swallowed his seed, yet never removed her lips from his member as she went on for one more shot, feeling that his penis still had lots of life in it. Playing with his testicles once more, she slid up and down as she licked all along in a slow and tortuous manner, his shaft covered in saliva and other fluids that made it a slicker experience. Unashamed and even more aroused, Urbosa wanted to go on and give him even more pleasure, the mutual goal they had bringing them even closer than before as she closed her eyes to let his taste and scent invade her senses.

Placing his hands on her butt, Link began to fondle them as he licked and licked beyond measure, the honey still flowing despite all that was happening. Their lusts filling them with an unknown energy, they could both go on as Link felt his shaft tremble whenever her warm mouth toyed with his manhood. Urbosa, he felt, was also rather close to a second orgasm as she shook her ass in response, doing so erratically due to the pleasure she was receiving. In a bind of luck, both experienced another climax at the same time, bringing them down for the count as they laid on the ground, a little exhausted due to all that sexual stimulation they had received. With Link taking the time to catch his breath, however, he was then greeted by the sight of Urbosa straddling him, making him remember just how much more stamina she possessed when compared to him. Her attitude still obvious in that she wanted more, Link's own trance and desires left him even more excited as his penis began to slowly rise, an event that he didn't know could be possible at this point.

''Let's bring this to a nice ending, then, Link. Let me do the rest of the work and let me shower you with affection and pleasure~'' Urbosa said, letting her dominant streak rise once more as she then impaled herself on his member, whimpering and shivering in pleasure as she did so. Observing his ecstatic trance, with his eyes still mirroring the medallion that she had hypnotized him with, Urbosa could not retain herself any longer as she then went on to lose her calm approach to things. She wanted to make love to him and she wanted it to be passionate as she rode him up and down continuously, the slick sound of her wetness and her honey making it easy for her to slide in a steady and rapid rhythm.

As much as Link felt content about him being able to grant her this pleasure, he could not deny that he had been looking forward to this, as he felt a delirious bliss with her wild passion being unleashed upon him. Under her, he felt at ease, unencumbered by any problems he could have had with how weak this could make him look. For Urbosa, he could look as weak as he wanted. He could be weak with her, even though he knew deep down that it was his and her strength that made this moment possible. The line between both approaches blurring, he focused instead on this lustful smirk on Urbosa's face as he felt her folds rub against his manhood, bringing him even more pleasure. Placing his hands on her hips, he merely rested them there, letting her be in charge of her own pace as he looked at her with a goofy smile on his face.

Urbosa, seeing so much tenderness coming from him in contrast with her own roughness made her want to give him more and more of her attention and love, as Link felt truly at peace right now. With this being the best session they ever had, she then felt him climax inside her, as if he didn't see the need to hold back any longer. He had somehow understood that this was all for his sake and so left himself drift along with her motions and her own needs. With this driving her wild, she continued to coax him into another climax as his stamina seemed unending now, as if his focus and his trance made it possible for him to stay with her, even though he'd probably feel exhausted should he snap out of it. It was his true desire, though, and as such she honored it as she felt him shiver and tremble, moaning as he rose and held himself tightly against her. Never had she seen Link being so vulnerable and honest and, because of this, she couldn't let this go without giving him at least one more earth-shattering orgasm before stopping. ''Tell me how you feel, Link. Tell me how much you want this!''

''I love this. I love being under you as you shower me with pleasure. I want this to never end. Please Urbosa...Continue~''

Knowing for a fact that he would never really hold on even though his mind demanded more, she then sped up her process as she held him tightly against her, her motions quicker and rougher as she then coaxed him to yet another climax, his final one for this session. The orgasm lingering on, Link felt that his body began to fail him as he slid away from Urbosa as she helped him set on the ground. Breathing raggedly, he nonetheless shone with a bright smile of satisfaction, one that could be seen even beneath the veil he wore.

''You shall remember all of this, Link. I want you to know how honest you were lately and how it made you feel. When I snap my fingers, you will awake from your trance and we shall have a lengthy chat about all that just happened~''


Waking up from his trance, Link felt all the memories from the last few moments come rushing back to him as he blushed intensively. Exhausted beyond belief due to the colossal effort he had put out, the many things he had revealed and done made him feel shy and little...Yet there was a certain rush that came along with it as he just couldn't believe how happy, relaxed and focused he had been during all of this. With a lot to take in, he looked at Urbosa as she extended a hand to help him get up, a radiant smirk on her face as she looked at him knowingly, aware of what he was feeling at the moment.

'' You were magnificent, Link. I felt that we had a major breakthrough not only in your training, but also in helping you understand who you are,'' Urbosa said, helping him up as she then got away from the room they had used to train. ''I figure you'll need some time to figure things out. However, if you're still interested in training with me after today, know that I'll always be happy to do so~''

Looking at her get through the doorway, Link was in awe, still piecing the puzzle of what happened in his mind, as he looked at her turn around.

''Oh, and I'll bring back the medallion if you ever want to feel this again~''

With a little wink, she was gone, leaving him to his thoughts as he sat down, still catching his breath. He knew not exactly how much of these revelations was due to hypnosis or because of hidden truths within himself...

But he'd certainly look forward to finding out more in their next session...

* * *

''Are you okay? You're kind of spaced-out right now, little Vai...''

Snapping out of it, the memory rush being over, Link returned to reality as he still eyed that belly ring in front of him. A little embarrassed and still blushing from what he just recalled, he then looked at the artisan in front of him.

''I'll do it, but I'll do it in exchange of this belly ring.''

And hey, here comes a sequel to that story, this time with hypnosis included! Surprise!

In truth, I had planned a sequel to this story the moment :iconhypnoticmaid: showed me what he was working on, as I wanted to write more about Gerudo Link and, frankly, I rather enjoy a lot of this artist's work. Kudos to him for being cool and letting me use that picture of his. ;)

As for the story himself, I felt that there was more that I could do with the memories of Link and how the relationship between Urbosa and him was built up in the first story. So I've tried to incorporate more of my trademark hypnosis along with some romance, dancing and some delightful sex. I don't always write consensual and slow-building hypnosis in my story, so it felt fun to experiment with this.

If you enjoy the picture, you can go on and look at it in glorious high resolution here. If you like it, feel free to leave a comment as well. ;)…
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HypnoticMaid Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017
ooh that was really good~! i especially like how you worked in the spiral-eyed part of the illustration~ another home run i'd say! thank very much once again for the lovely read~! ♥
IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I do try to incorporate the details that the artist thought necessary to include when I use their picture for a story. I think it's a form of respect for the work in question and, most of the time, it does tend to force me to get creative with what's visually available. The spirals, however, were easy and fun to include. ;)

I'm very glad that you enjoyed the story, by the way. It means a lot that you thought I did justice to your work with my words. :)
thebestial Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
Damn, you really how to write a story, I've never been too ok with sex and some parts are just hard to read for me, but you really write it in a way that makes me want to read more, your descriptions aren't boring in the slightest, wich I find very, very cool
IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Well, I'm glad that my writing made you want to work through your problems with sexuality in fiction to get more out of it. That's some very nice praise. :)
thebestial Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
I always praise highly what I find worthy 😎 some thing with music, I hate most pop artists because what they do is absolutely unoriginal and has been made countless times and I adore metal because they really all have their thing, that's true for any good musician as well, you sir, deserve to be at the top of the lists with the artists I praise, that's just I see things XD
IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Well then, I'll just accept your praise and try to stay humble all the same. I'm glad my story made you react that strongly, in any case. ;)
thebestial Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
It was already the case with the one you wrote a good while back about the snake charming princess, it was a good change since kaa is mostly dom on those stories and it was very well written as well, all of the stories I read from you are as well, so just keel on the good work and stay humble as you said, that's the best way to better yourself, take pride in what you do and strive to be better... I just made a very unoriginal quote there XD
IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Heh, if the quote works, who cares if it's really unoriginal?

But yeah, I'll try to keep things fresh and to get better. I'll keep your words in mind. ;)
thebestial Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
The fact that you do is already plenty
I'm gonna use another quote there, wrong contest but as a musician I don't care
ninjamon102938 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017
God this makes me hot
IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Glad to see that you liked it. ;)
ninjamon102938 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
Oh I did greatly
Whyita Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Another cute story :) Again, other than the sex ^^;
IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Yes, yes, I know.
Whyita Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry, I don't mean to annoy you ^^; Honestly I've gotten used to the outfit now. I still find the game not great for a multitude of reasons, not just that, if that helps lift some of the annoyance ironically? I want to finish it still though
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