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*Warning: This story contains a few minor spoilers for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.*

He wasn't entirely sure whether this plan would work.

Stuck at the Kara Kara Bazaar, Link needed to get into the city to get more information and find a way toward freeing Divine Beast Naboris from Ganon's clutches, yet an unprecedented obstacle had blocked his path toward his noble quest: they weren't letting men get inside Gerudo Town. ''Voe'', as they named them, were forbidden entrance as per their customs and laws, so even though he needed to get in to get supplies, get some intelligence on the surroundings and some help from the locals, his demands fell on dear ears as the law was strict and clear: he wouldn't enter inside through conventional means. Rumours had it, though, that a particular merchant had found a way in, a trick that would make it so he'd get some progress on this quest of his. However, it was not exactly what Link expected...

He'd have to dress like a woman to get inside.

Eyeing the merchant in question as much as the merchant eyed him when he suggested that idea, Link could see that there was perhaps some wisdom in this approach, although he wasn't certain that he'd be able to pull this off. The merchant had long hair, close to air on his chest and belly and there was a certain manner in which he acted that could perhaps fool some people around, especially the Gerudo who weren't all that informed on those ''Voe'' of theirs.

''So, dear, would you be interested in a costume to get in? I've got another outfit, for 600 rupees, that I'm sure would be killer on you~''

Sighing, Link knew he didn't really have much of a choice here as he looked in his rupee pouch to see if he had enough. As the merchant went on to pick up his other outfit, Link caught a glance at the product in question. Looking at the fabric in detail, the colors and just how it looked like, there was an eerie sense of familiarity about those specific colors and accessories as he began to recall a particular memory, a load of information rushing in his head.

* * *

''Are you quite sure that I need to be wearing this, Urbosa?''

Crossing her arms in a prideful fashion, yet answering with a playful tone, the tall, muscular and strong Gerudo champion looked at Link with a glimmer in her eyes. ''It is a typical training garment for those who want to start fighting for what they believe in, be it their town, their friends or for the benefit of everyone, Link,'' she answered, catching a good look at the smaller champion in front of her. ''Besides, I had it tailor made just for you. You should wear it with pride~''

Feeling slightly embarrassed, Link couldn't help but look at the ''training outfit'' that she had brought to him, as it was assuredly a very different kind of fabric and design than what he was used to. ''It seems more like something a dancer would wear, I believe. Are you sure you're not making a fool out of me with this?''

''Nonsense, Link. It would benefit most warriors to possess a dancer's grace and agility, you know. Armor is all well and good, but it is doubly effective to never get hit than to rely on protection that can shatter at any time,'' Urbosa explained, handing over a scimitar and a shield to the younger warrior. '' The veil and shawl, besides protecting from the ravaging winds of the desert, also serve the purpose of hiding your expression so that the enemy has difficulty reading it. The slippers are there to make sure that your footsteps are quick, that you can feel the ground more efficiently so that you may move and dodge without restraints. Those bedlah pants are ample and protect from the heat, yet also make it so you can move unencumbered as if you were wearing nothing at all. Those silken sleeves are there to make sure you feel your arms, protecting you from the sun and letting you know how to best restrain your swings due to the rings connected to your fingers. The sash, along with those coins, is to make sure you're aware of your stance. The higher piece on your chest though...Well it just looks cute, that is all~''

Not entirely convinced about all of this, Link nonetheless sighed as he looked at himself once again. It seemed, even though there were actual reasons behind all this, Urbosa did seem to have fun nonetheless with all of this. A part of himself, even, did see the logic in training him in all sorts of things, as even though he was an accomplished warrior, there was still a lot for him to learn and it would be wiser to accept such an offer from another champion. To protect Zelda and to perform his duty to Hyrule as a champion himself, he'd simply swallow his pride and accept those demands from Urbosa. ''You have a point. However, do not mention a word of this to the other champions, lest they think less of me for wearing this.''

''The Hylian world sure is still a mystery to me, especially concerning Voe culture, but I'll respect your wishes. I'll even go further,'' Urbosa went on to declare with a sly little grin on her face. ''Let's make this a challenge: if you win, you may ask a boon of me, anything you want. If I do win, however, you'll have to grant me one in return. Interested?''

The idea of a bet, as bizarre as it sounded, made the prospect of this training session an amusing one, as Link began to smile slightly under his veil. Perhaps, if he won, he'd make sure never to wear anything like this ever again, giving her a disadvantage should they ever train together again. Interested in proving himself, Link nodded with a grin as he looked at the taller and buffer woman in front of him. ''Very well, I'll bite. I agree to those terms and I shall give you my best shot. Don't go easy on me, now.''

Chuckling gently at how confident and playful Link was being, Ursoba then went on to pick up a scimitar of her own, then went on to prepare herself. Doing some stretches, showing off her muscles as a result, she then went on to change her expression in a drastic manner as she was being much more serious now. ''Whenever you're ready, Link. I'll grant you the initiative considering your new garments and the fact that we're using scimitars. Do make sure to give me your best shot as well.''

Studying her stance for a few seconds, Link was already aware that Urbosa was known for a mostly aggressive approach to battle. As such, it would indeed be a much more potent strategy to try to dodge and out-maneuver her instead of charging toward her. In short, he would be training exactly what she wanted him to. Going for a vertical swing, Urbosa swiftly got out of its way with but a tap of her foot and a swing of her hip, then went on to attack Link. Stepping out in the nick of time to avoid a wide swing from Urbosa's scimitar, Link had to stop getting lost in his head and instead get himself in the game. It was training, to be sure, which meant that their blow would mostly be there to cause little harm, yet there was a furious streak to his opponent that gave Link a certain pause. Perhaps she was getting too much into this and she would not stop her blow in time, thus making it all the more vital that he avoid getting hit.

As she was being studied, though, Urbosa went on to follow swings and strikes in a manner that was both fierce, yet strangely graceful as everything seemed to be follow-ups upon follow-ups, her stance and her weight allowing her to purposefully connect everything in a combination that would be deadly on any enemy she could encounter. However, Link proved to be nimble, as she suspected, as she could not get a hit, not even a graze, on the differently-garbed opponent. ''It seems to me that you've begun to adapt yourself not only to my style, but also to the vestments I gave you, Link. That is good,'' she praised, never letting her offense die down despite the fact that she was talking. ''You need to adapt if you want to survive. That is true as much in life as it is in battle.''

Listening on, Link nevertheless kept on dodging, as he found himself in a difficult position: she was too close for him to really distance himself away from her and she kept her aggressive approach, never relenting for one second. If he could catch his breath, perhaps he'd be able to prepare for a counter-offensive, and yet he found no opening whatsoever. Thankfully, what she said about his gear was true as it felt incredibly light, as if it weren't even there. Even the veil and shawl were easy to get accustomed to even as it flailed with his every movements, leaving him able to focus on his own position in battle. Parrying and trying to counter, Urbosa was too agile herself to let herself be hit by such an obvious tactic, as she parried and countered right after his own attempt, returning to the dominant status she held in this battle. With the battle not exactly being in Link's advantage in the slightest, Link then went on to try and adapt himself as he had an idea. Getting even closer to her, Link then went on and placed his free hand on Urbosa's right shoulder, using her own weight and stance against her as he jumped quickly behind her, taking the offensive for once.

''Not bad at all, Link. I see you're actually listening to my advice and you're adapting yourself,'' Urbosa commented, before twirling around in a very quick fashion, using her toes and feet like a dancer would as she parried a rather powerful and rapid strike coming from Link. Dodging nimbly due to her own training, her stance changed from a brutal one to another that was much more graceful, with her movements being minimal and efficient. ''I can see that you already have the basics on avoiding harm...and then some.''

Ever silent in this encounter, Link could not connect as he began to see that she was studying his footwork, giving her advantage toward studying and predicting his attacks. Using the slippers to his advantage, he went on to effectively slide on the floor, controlling his speed in short bursts so as to be as erratic as possible. Going for a lunge that almost connected, Link smirked beneath his veil as he began to see the advantages of the garments he was wearing. Flowing like the wind, these vestments were unlike any armor or clothing that he ever wore in battle, as it truly permitted him to be agile and dexterous in ways that he thought was impossible. With a few drops of sweat trickling down his brow and on his stomach, Link then went on to try to attack her further, yet he was already starting to breathe a little more heavily, as he was not built for longer battles. Not yet, anyway. This was all it took as he went for another vertical strike, which Urbosa dodged with a sidestep and, with a quick change of stance, used to counter-attack straight away, leading her scimitar a few centimeters away from Link's head.

''I win, though I did so barely. Well done, Link,'' Urbosa said with a genuine smile on her face, her breathing being much more regular than his own as she looked at him in the eyes. ''It seems that my advantage this time was stamina, as the rest was pretty on par with me. I can certainly see why they made you the Hylian champion~''

Disappointed in himself, Link gave back the scimitar to Urbosa, admitting defeat as it was true that, were it an actual battle, he'd have lost and possibly received a fatal wound to the head. Taking a few seconds to reply to catch his breath after so intense a battle, Link then replied as best he could. ''It seems that I...have a lot learn when it comes to conserving energy and to minimize my moves.

You'll have to teach me...''

''But of course Link. It would be an honor for me to make sure you become the best warrior you can be, my friend,'' she said, patting him on the shoulder in a friendly manner. ''Now, since we did have a bet going on, that means you have to grant me a boon. Those were the rules~''

''I did accept those terms, yes,'' Link said, sighing. ''Well, what would you have of me, then?''

''You're not running away from your promise. I like that in a Voe,'' Urbosa said with a smile on her face, before then looking at Link straight in the eyes. ''I want you to dance for me, Link.''

Struck silent at this sudden and direct demand, Link was left dumbfounded at this particular request as he looked at her with a confused and surprised expression on his face. ''Pardon?''

''I want you to dance in the Gerudo style, with those clothes on, for me,'' Urbosa further proclaimed, placing a hand on her hips as she then gave him a little playful smirk. ''Unless the great Hylian champion would be too embarrassed to do that, hmmm?''

He knew what she was asking for, having heard and seen those Gerudo dances. They were usually focused on the stomach and the hips, with what he assumed was a stance that was not dissimilar to the one Urbosa kept changing to during their fight. It was a strange dance, one that was very rare to see in Hyrule, but it was not exactly what bothered Link right there. There was a certain sensuality, a grace and an allure that he would never be able to properly replicate. Perhaps, in some manner, Urbosa wanted to have a good laugh and be done with it. Unless this was another reason why she had made this costume specifically for Link to wear. ''You had this all planned out, didn't you?'' he asked, dubious as he expected, hoped even, for this be just a bad joke.

''Not at all, the point was truly for you to train like any of my sisters in Gerudo Town would, but you wear it so well that I thought it would be an unique opportunity to see if you can make the outfit even more special today,'' Urbosa said in a calm and gentle manner, a little amused at his own embarrassment. ''But then again, I'm quite sure you don't really know how to dance like we do, so I'll teach you some basic moves~''

The serious and kind approach to how she talked and approached him made it obvious to Link that she was not fooling around with this request, as she went behind him, then placed both of her hands on his hips, doing so gently. Shivering a little due to her touch, Link tried to calm down as he began to feel his heart beat a little faster due to her proximity. Wondering just why he was so excited, he was thankful that the veil he wore hid his expression, as he was blushing crazily, the warrior in him gone and replaced by a far more inexperienced young man, one that didn't really have much experience in terms of intimacy and lust. While he did see the allure that Urbosa possessed, it was at this precise moment that he began to feel that, perhaps, he held a certain attraction to her. It was hard not to, of course, with her caring nature and her look, yet right now it was making him feel rather weak and foolish, the exact opposite of what he tried so desperately not to be.

''Relax yourself, Link. What you have to do is try to get your breathing straight, as you'll need it to get your tempo correctly. A dancer, much like a warrior, needs to be as swift as water. Let your body speak for itself,'' she said, carefully budging his boyish hips with her fingers, doing so in a very light manner so as to not brusque him away from this potential performance.

Following along to her instructions, Link was too mystified by how such a strong, tall and seemingly proud woman could show such a gentleness, such a delicate touch. More than that, he was surprised about how he went on to do as she said, trying to conserve his feet on the ground as he moved his hips to the right. Silent, his heart began to beat a little faster as his breathing began to get a little ragged. He felt foolish, yet he did not want it to stop despite his emotions being in turmoil over this.

''You're doing good. Just regulate your breathing and follow along my fingers and you'll be fine,'' Urbosa whispered, pushing his hips to the left and then to the right, letting his hips act as a pendulum to make sure he'd get the rhythm correctly. ''If you raise your arms in the air, it will help with your balance, Link~''

Doing as she said, he felt her remove her hands and began to be a little disappointed, actually liking her touch, no matter how bizarre this sensation felt to him. His arms lifted upward, he swayed his hips from right to left as he tried to calm himself down, his breathing now more regular as he began to smell Urbosa's scent, one that was spicy yet also irresistible in its own way. Getting excited, he felt his heat rise up in a different manner than due to the intensity of battle as he began to understand what was happening to him, yet could not find the courage to vocalize it, nor to act upon it for the time being: he was aroused and didn't know what to do with those feelings. Duty and honor he understood, yet this was something of an enigma to it, as he had never really thought of it thus far, placing his role as a champion above his needs. It seemed that, with this session and the wearing of this costume, today was a day to learn and to experiment, as Link tried to focus on the task at hand: performing for Urbosa.

Urbosa, meanwhile, went on to whisper in his ear, adding a further level of excitement and intimacy that she seemed to share with him as she then placed a hand on his stomach, the tip of her fingers caressing it lightly. ''Arch your back a little and try to bump the air with your waist, Link. Do so slowly and this ought to help you roll that belly of yours~'' she began to say, teaching him the basics of this art form that he knew nothing about. His concentration, however, was seriously put to the test by what followed, as she got even closer to his ear to whisper yet again. ''You're doing good, Link. With your dance and this costume, you look absolutely adorable and cute. Keep it up~''

Blushing to a degree that he thought was impossible, Link began to lose focus as his hips began to react erratically, only for them to be brought back to their basic rhythm by Urbosa's caring hand. Her touch only fueling this confusion within Link's mind, Link found himself enjoying this far more than he thought he would, as the mix of borderline seduction and the intimacy that they shared, whatever it meant was still a mystery to him, did make him think that perhaps she did have it planned all along, yet now he did not care so much about it.

''That will do for now, Link. You can stop if you want to,'' Urbosa calmly said, removing her hand, letting him go as she then looked at him while he turned to look around right at her. With a few seconds of awkward silence filling the void, Urbosa then went on to get on her knees, then went on to do the unexpected as she kissed his stomach softly, doing so once before then looking upward in his eyes.

Confused, aroused and dumbstruck, Link looked at Urbosa, unsure what to say or what to do as he felt truly out of his element. Ever thankful for the veil, Link looked elsewhere, unable to focus on Urbosa's gaze as he felt uncharacteristically shy. Ashamed, he knew not how to react, wanting almost to run away, a state that was broken when Urbosa placed her hand on his naked shoulder, breaking the silence as she tried to explain herself, feeling that perhaps a clarification was in order.

''There is a custom amongst my people, one that is called the Gerudo dance of seduction. According to legends, there were Gerudos thousands of years ago that could charm anyone with their dance, bringing out states of love and utter devotion in others. Their dance was so potent that nowadays, the legend made way for a ritual to declare love or to make clear their intents upon anyone in their path toward marriage,'' she explained, taking her time as she showed no hesitation or embarrassment in telling this particular truth. ''When one partner dance for the other, it is customary to show appreciation by kissing their belly and then shower them with love and devotion for a whole night, giving them an unforgettable experience. As a champion, I have no time for marriage or to have a Voe at my side. I have no time for all the rituals with my duty, but I thought that we could perhaps be of some company to each other, if only this time.''

Piecing everything together, Link felt a great satisfaction, but also a great weight on his shoulders as he understood the nature of this gesture of hers: she liked him and wanted to spend a whole night in his company. She had, in some way, made him go through this ritual of hers in order to initiate and ask him for a particularly intimate moment with him. Flattered, overwhelmed and struck in silence, he began to feel his heart beat even faster than before and his temperature rise, with his costume not helping him regulate this in any way. His body heat was getting higher and higher as he looked at her in the eyes, finding himself without courage for the first time in his life.

''Of course, you always have the opportunity to turn me down, Link. I would understand that this might come as a shock to you, as you were unaware of this ritual in the first place. I would not think any less of you should you refuse,'' Urbosa said, herself staying calm, yet it was obvious in how she was acting that she was entirely honest in her demand, that she did want to spend some time with him.

''I...I...I've never been with a woman before...But...''Link said, feeling foolish as he tried to find the words, thankful that he was alone with Urbosa. ''I'd be glad first time would be with you...''

Smiling warmly at this response, Urbosa then went on to give a gentle push on Link's shoulders, giving him time to adapt to her advances as he was placed on the warm floor. ''Then I suppose it would be my duty to keep up with the ritual and focus on your pleasure, then~''

Feeling his naked back on the floor, Link gulped as he tried to keep his focus on her. Feeling his pants being slid down ever-so-slightly, new feelings began to emerge as he felt...beautiful, desirable. The costume bringing in this feeling, it was only magnified by how Urbosa looked at him as she then eyed his erect penis, a fair indicative that he was just as excited as her. Using two of her fingers, she then began to lightly caress his member so as to tease him, to push him further along this stimulation as she looked at his reaction.

Hearing him moan in surprise, she placed her other hand on his chest to feel his heart beating as she went to speak even further. ''It's okay, Link. I'll be gentle. Just let me go ahead and bask in the pleasure I'm about to give to you...''

Trying to calm himself down, he then looked as she brought her blue lips toward his penis, giving it a few kisses as his erection began to tower up, giving an obvious sign that his excitement was getting much more fierce. His body being quite honest, he went on to place his hand on top of hers, if only to touch her for a little while, to feel her as if she was becoming to get unreal due to how beautiful she looked. Then, without further ado, she began to wrap her lips around the tip, working her way toward the shaft.

What surprised him was not how soft and supple her lips were, or how good it felt, but rather how warm it was inside her mouth. More than anything, this was what felt the best as it was her warmth that brought such pleasure to his crotch. Taking her time, she then went on to use her tongue as it brought the experience to a new high, as Link began to shiver due to this stimulation. He never did think that sex could feel this good, that it could be so nerve-wrecking as he stifled a moan, trying not to act too weak and vulnerable, almost ashamed on how he was lacking in control over this whole situation. And yet, he craved more and more as Urbosa's hand held his, a little gesture that meant it all for Link.

Getting toward the base with her lips, she lapped at his shaft as she then slid up, then down, taking her time so as to let Link appreciate everything that she did. Doing so a few times, with the taste of his manhood and his excitement only fueling her own desires and arousal, she felt his member twitch a few times as he then exploded inside her mouth, coating her mouth with his seed. Not letting this remove her self-assured stance, she gulped it all down and then removed his penis from within her mouth, looking in his eyes as she continued to hold his hand. Feeling a certain mix of shame and guilt on his face, Urbosa knew what was going on as she then placed a hand on his cheek right there and then. ''Do not feel ashamed, Link. Between the two of us, in this moment, it is the time to be honest with who we are and what we want. There is no weakness in receiving pleasure, not when it is freely given. I want you to let yourself go for tonight, to feel and say what you want.''

It was too new for him, to be in such a lack of control, to be dominated so easily, without a fight or a contribution on his part. He felt that he had to do something, even though Urbosa was indeed saying that it was not necessary to do so. In the aftermath of his orgasm, however, he felt that he wanted more, that this situation was exciting because it was so new to him. Perhaps, in its own way, this was just another form of training, one of expectations and of temperance. Of honesty and desires. He had never dressed like a woman before, never felt such intimacy or such pleasure and it was all beginning to melt together into an unique sensation that, perhaps, he was starting to really like it. Following her own advice, he began to adapt to the situation and he looked at her in the eye, giving her a silent message that was plain to see: he wanted more.

Understanding this easily, Urbosa then went on to lift him up as she then placed a hand beneath his top, playing with his nipple as she whispered in his ear once more. ''Don't worry, you look adorable,'' she said in a husky voice, before placing her hand on his crotch, palpating it gently to coax him into another erection. ''We are not champions here, but mere Voe and Vai. Man and Woman. Tell me what you want and I'll try to make sure that you get it, Link~''

His hips budging into her hands as he moaned unashamedly, the whole situation and his own realization making it all the more intense for the both of them. His penis was already getting erect again even after his first orgasm, as the feel of her warm hand on his chest and how his nipples were being played with gave way to an enthusiasm that he was too happy to share as he lifted her veil and then went on to kiss her. Doing so for a few seconds, gently and tenderly, he looked at her in the eyes before replacing his veil, answering her honestly. ''I want you to feel good too...''

Smiling, Urbosa then got up as she pushed Link against the ground again, with Link cooperating fully. Removing her skirt and her top, she revealed her nude and muscular form as her sweat made her skin glisten as the twilight hour made itself known in the background. Her own core being wet, the scent emanating from it made it so Link knew that she was looking forward to this as much as he was, as she got on top of his, straddling his hips in a firm manner so as to keep her balance. Then, without a word being uttered, she slid down on his member, a smile on her face as she cooed in pleasure.

Feeling his member pierce her entrance and rubbing against her folds, Link felt an even more intense heat within her that stirred his loins in a manner that he never thought possible. While her mouth had been quite hot, this was a true furnace as the sound of her wet folds was all that he could hear, along with her moans and his own. She was in charge and, while this moment kept on going, Link began to appreciate that fact more and more. Perhaps, in some ways, he did not need to always be control. Learning this lesson in the sweetest way possible, he placed his hands on her hips, feeling her muscles contrasting against her tanned and soft skin, her abs glistening with her sweat as he groaned in pleasure. Looking at her, he could see that she was fondling one of her nipples while she rode him, her face turning into an expression of ecstasy that he was too happy to witness. Unable to hold back and learning not to do so anymore, he called out her name as he felt his pleasure rise. ''Urbosa~''

''My cute little dancer~'' she said, her voice honeyed and delirious with pleasure as she began to ride him a little faster, a little harder, losing control of her gentle nature to let go of her more furious side, much like when they were training. ''Link~''

The stronger way in which she gave him pleasure made way for a few twitches and a few shivers as Link held on to her, too happy to let himself indulge in this experience as he placed his arms behind her back, helping himself up. Letting his impulses dictate how he would act, he held her tightly as her movements got smaller, yet faster in their repetition as he left himself to be intoxicated in her scent and her proximity. Feeling her hands on his back, he was sure that she had the same reflex as him as he began to think of this little nickname that she just gave to him. Perhaps, in some way, he would learn to like being her cute little dancer, if only for tonight, as he then exploded within her, unable to endure any longer. Stamina, it seemed, was something that once again seemed to be in short supply, as he sighed and moaned during his orgasm, holding himself even tighter against her naked skin.

Letting him go and leaving him room to breathe and to recuperate, Urbosa then rose as she helped him do so after a little while. Placing his pants back up, Link looked at her with an expression of awe, of confusion and of awkwardness, yet also one of contentment and gratitude, as if a whole conversation had took place, one that changed Link's life forever. ''We'll have to work on your stamina, Link,'' Urbosa said with a chuckle, herself seeming to have trouble regaining her usual composure. ''If you want, we could always train your agility and endurance some more...And your dancing skills, should you wish it~''

Seeing her wink as she said the last part, Link looked at her as he awkwardly nodded, always ready to get better, to be a better version of himself whenever the opportunity arose. Keeping the costume on, he knew he'd be needing it for further sessions, as he left with the knowledge that he had a lot to learn from Urbosa...

* * *

''Are you okay?''

Snapping out of it, Link looked at the merchant again, returning to reality as he looked at the costume that he was holding in his hands. The colors, the fabrics and the size all corresponded as he held it in his hands to feel the texture. He knew not how this person had found it, but there was no mistake to be had: that was his old uniform, the one he had spent countless night learning new skills and new lessons with. With a smile on his face, he looked at the merchant. ''Yes, sorry. I was lost in my head for a few moments. How much again?''

''600 rupees.''

It was a cheap price to pay, he thought, as he handed it over, changing his vestments as he felt the familiar sensation on his body, one that he had thankfully remembered. With an embarrassed smile on his face, hidden by the veil, he then looked toward Gerudo Town, his heart filled with hope. Even if this plan didn't work, he would always have this costume and all the memories attached to it. He'd just need to adapt and change his plans...

Just like Urbosa taught him to.

It was only a matter of time before I focused a story on the magnificence of Gerudo Link.

In this one, I tried to give some kind of origin for the costume in itself, giving way to some more interaction between Link and Urbosa, the Gerudo champion that is at the heart of the Gerudo questline. It is of course a sex-filled story, but I wanted to convey the character's gentle and encouraging nature as shown in the game, as well as push forth that Link seemed like someone still in training in the few flashbacks that I've seen so far in the game. I've yet to see them all, as there are still 8 left for me to see, but I liked the portrayal of Urbosa in this as one capable of gentleness and ferocity.Using the memories that Link unlock upon seeing certain sights as a segway to this story was really fun, though, as it does give way to many possibilities in terms of storytelling.

The picture attached to this story, by the way, was done by :iconkaibuzetta:, an artist whose work I've just recently discovered. They have a rather wonderful style and a penchant for vibrant colors that makes their gallery a true little gem, one that I would urge people to take a look at. They also have a Patreon account, if you feel inclined to encourage their talent:

Expect a few more stories featuring Gerudo Link, by the way. I have other ideas in mind with this iteration of the character and this spectacular little outfit of his. ;)

If you want to see the picture in higher resolution and also comment the artist on a job well done, here is the link to the original: incredibleintruder.deviantart.…

*UPDATE* If you liked this one well enough, there's a sequel to it. You can read it right here: incredibleintruder.deviantart.…
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Seems like it.
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I guess it's hard to really understand if you're not transgender and have the same kinds of...interests as I do
IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I don't think it's hard to understand being uncomfortable in your body and that gender stereotypes and roles, so firmly entrenched in our society in a memetic manner, makes it hard for people to confront such roles on a daily basis. That there's a certain ridicule pushed forth on the notion that people aren't happy with the gender that they were born with and, as such, those people want to go forth in the pursuit of happiness by going forward with their desires as they search, like many, for their identity, for who they truly are. It's a problem of expression based on firm definitions that ought to be looser in many ways. At least, that's what I understand about it.
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kaaslave Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017
Kind of.
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