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*This is a sequel to another story of mine. I would suggest you read it before reading this one:  Shantae: The snake dancer
What kind of sword was this?
Looking through her inventory, Shantae dearly hoped that she had something that could help her in this tenuous situation. Having gone through a long ordeal, vanquished multiple enemies and being a little exhausted from such a long trip, the last thing she expected to see get in her way was a gigantic wall, one that she had no way around or below. Normally, such a challenge would be easily overcome by using her talent of transformation, dancing into her monkey form to overcome this, yet the multiple spikes and vicious enemies clinging on the surface seemed to imply that this solution was unfortunately unavailable for her at this moment. Her equipment, as small as it was, didn't include any rope, or any items that could allow her to jump higher, or to protect herself against such elements, what she did find, however, was a completely useless sword that, last she recall, Bolo had crafted for her.
''This is the last time I let Bolo near a forge. I can't even at

Self-doubt was most assuredly her worst enemy.

As she moved in the backstage of the dance parlor, Shantae felt a tinge of anxiety in her throat and her stomach, as she knew she'd need to perform once again, trying to keep up with the reputation she had gained. Despite the fact that she had vanquished the Pirate Lord, saved Sequin Land too many times to count and fought monsters twice her size, she always had that little fear lodged within her gut that made her slightly hesitate to get on the stage. They all loved her, of course, and that little concern would be reduced to naught when the spotlights would be on her, yet there was always this nagging little thought that dragged her upbeat attitude down.

What if she made a mistake?

Always shouldering huge responsibilities and taking it all upon itself when danger arose, the quiet moments like these ones seemed to reduce her to a first-time performer, a thing that she hated to her core. Taking a deep breath, she then went on to face the music, almost literally in that situation, as she went on to hear the tune playing for her, the one she would be performing to. The music flowing into her soul and animating her body, she began immediately to dance for the crowd as her hips seemed to be on fire as she shook them. With a playful smirk on her face to diminish her own stress, she moved to the center of the stage, one step at a time, to make sure that she'd be seen by everyone. Already, gems were thrown on the stage, as they all cheered for her to continue. However, as her performance continued, she began to lose track of herself as her movements went on to become natural, flowing like water as her arms, hips and belly were smoothly and gracefully swaying for the spectators. A tiny smile forming on her lips and her eyes closing, she knew what she was experiencing.

It was a dancing trance.

From what she knew and experienced, these kind of events occurred mostly when the dancer went on to achieve a level of concentration unheard of, as if their body itself went on to communicate their feelings without any thoughts disrupting the flow of their art. With their hips, belly and chest being activated by a will seemingly of their own, the true spirit of the dance, as well as how capable the dancer truly was, shone through. Lost in this sensation, Shantae knew that this was a good omen as any of he doubts simply vanished when this happened, as nothing else was important beside this dance of hers. Combing Egyptian twirls, hips swaying, snake-like motions amongst many moves that many experts would give anything to be able to replicate, she was on fire. Not even the cheers of the crowd as well as the sounds of the gem clattering on the stage seemed to disturb her, as the trance had taken her good...Until it vanished, the tune silently reduced to nothingness as another one started, a sign that it was time for the next dancer to get on stage. Taking her winnings, Shantae bowed, smiled, then left on the other side of the stage, ready to call it a night.

''My oh my, Shantae. If you keep this up, perhaps you just ought to stop the Guardian Genie business and just dance here full-time,'' the parlor owner told her, a sly smirk on her face. ''With your winnings in the past few days, it seems like you could make a fortune in no time.''

Laughing a little at the suggestion, Shantae merely refused as she took her pay and headed straight home, ready to call it a night. Happy that the owner, a tough lady to impress, had giving her such open praise, Shantae began to see the merit of a life as a dancer, yet understood that someone had to protect Scuttle Town from danger, as it was a magnet that seemed to attract all kinds of it. That, and her adventures, for the most part, made her life much more interesting, even though it did seem to make it so she had less and less time to practice her dancing. It was rough to find the time to properly train when in a dungeon or when facing dangerous monsters, yet she always managed to find some new moves and new techniques in her travel, be it from genies, ancient scrolls or even Tuki, the eternal oddity in Shantae's life. Always seeming to be found in places Shantae visited, that snake-woman traded gems or other dances for new ones, with some that were either incredibly powerful or just plain silly. Despite it all, Tuki seemed to always be cheerful and whenever Shantae was near her, she couldn't help but feel a little overjoyed that she could connect with someone thanks to the passion that they both vowed to the art of belly-dancing. Ever since she first met Tuki by trying to smash her jar, Shantae had seemingly learned a lot of new ways to perform her art.

Snapping back to reality as she stopped reminiscing about her adventures, Shantae entered the lighthouse which served as her home, as she dropped the gems she had gained in a treasure chest on the first floor. Feeling that it was rather full indeed, a rare happenstance, perhaps there was some truth to what the owner had been saying earlier. Perhaps she had been giving plenty of amazing performances in the last few days, as now that she thought about it, those dancing trances, rare occurrences usually, were happening more and more often. Uncertain what this meant or how this came to be, perhaps she'd need to investigate on this. Who knew, perhaps it was her genie heritage that made it easier for her to progress...Or perhaps she was just getting much better without realizing it. Either way, this would have to wait for tomorrow as she felt sleepy, wishing for slumber to come soon so that she'd be ready to face tomorrow, as there would be no telling if Risky Boots would attack the town tomorrow. Climbing to the top floor, she then eyed her bed with a little smile on her face, an expression that was soon dropped as she saw something that she recognized instantly: a blue and purple jar set on the floor. Tuki's own jar.

Curious about this, all thoughts of going to sleep went away as Shantae approached the always-clean and shiny object, puzzled as to what it was doing there. While she had always been curious as to how so many of these jars could be found during her travels, she had no idea just how it had arrived in her own home of all places. The last time someone had placed an item within her home, it was a bath that was also a trap of some sort, so she wouldn't be caught unaware this time. Examining the jar in question, many questions came one by one as to how it arrived here and why. Who dropped it in here? For what purpose? Did it just appear out of thin air? Did Tuki have anything to do with this? All those questions, though, began to dim as the sound of a melodious flute began to be heard coming from inside the jar. A touch repetitive, fast-paced yet easy to memorize, the many sounds began to slowly enrapture Shantae as her train of thought began to slow down to a crawl. Automatically, as if guided by unseen forces, she then went on to jump inside the jar, which swallowed her whole, making her disappear entirely from the lighthouse.

Half-conscious, she could see that the moment she had entered the jar, it had begun sucking her in as for a very brief moment, everything was pitch black, then she saw a blinding light. All the while, the music got more intense as she felt dizzy, but also near-addicted to the sound. Stuck in her head, it seemed to invade her thoughts as flashes of green scales, of dancing and of a very pleasant hiss made their way into her mind. Then, as the world turned around and her body had difficulty adjusting itself, she popped out of an identical jar as she was nearly launched into the air, as if propelled like a cannonball. She was, luckily, caught in extremis by a large, thick and very long tail that seemed to be eerily familiar, as its green and shiny scales, followed by a few brown a beige spots, coiled her up as if expecting this sudden and rapid arrival. ''There you are!'' a voice said, coming out as familiar as the color and thickness of the tail, as Shantae wanted to say that she did recognize that it was Tuki. ''So, how are things for my favourite half-genie hero?''

The music stopping as Tuki spoke, Shantae slowly began to get her bearings back as her vision adjusted herself to truly see where she was and some details about Tuki that she never had the chance to perceive before. Having arrived in a very lengthy room, filled with light tones of purple, white and very faint pink, Shantae felt the heat that seemed to permeate this endless room as another important detail caught her eye while her groggy state was almost dissipated: Tuki's tail. Going on endlessly, it seemed that Tuki was no regular snake-woman, as her tail stretched out to infinity, or something that seemed quite like it. Not seeing the end of it, Shantae instead went to the source of it all as she saw Tuki smiling in a confident manner, one hand on her large scaly hips, as she sported something that she had never seen her wear before: a turban with a little feather attached to a red gem on the front. Finally regaining control entirely, Shantae almost felt lost as she spoke to the snake-woman in search of answers. ''W-what is this place? What just happened to me? And what's with the turban?''

''Oh, right. Well, the turban comes from another place entirely, far away from Sequin Land. There was a man who called himself a snake-charmer and, when he saw me, he took it upon himself to charm and mesmerize me with his music. He wasn't bad at all...'' Tuki said, a little mischievous grin on her face as she then threw a wink at Shantae. ''But I'm much better in the charming department, thus why I took his flute and his turban as compensation for what he tried to do~''

''This doesn't really answer the other two questions, Tuki,'' Shantae replied, witnessing quite easily that the snake-woman was more than comfortable around her, as if they were old friends rather than acquaintances.

''Oh, right, sorry,'' Tuki said, a little flustered for a few seconds, before returning to her ever-confident self. ''We're in my home, the place where the original jar comes from. It's a different dimension, one where I can place my body in without it pestering anyone. As for what happened to you, why, I charmed you with my flute, of course. The snake-charmer actually went on to teach me his art and I adapted it, as you see-''

''You...charmed me? Isn't that thing only supposed to work on snakes? Shouldn't you be the one being bizarrely charmed by that music you played before?'' Shantae asked, confused as she then went on to cross her arms, looking at Tuki with a scowl on her face. ''Besides, you should have just asked if I wanted to get in, not put me under your spell. That's just wrong, Tuki.''

''Well, to answer your first question, my dear, I have powers of mesmerism that few can really resist and I've trained myself to use them in all sorts of methods, including lately with this flute. If I was weak-willed and easy to bring under a trance, it would just be ridiculous,'' Tuki said, a little crossed about this question. ''As for the second one, you just don't really know it yet but you've been brought in a hypnotic trance plenty of time. How do you think you get to learn all those new dances moves in a few minutes, forgetting others while at it? I've been doing it since we first met, Shantae dear.''

With this revelation reducing Shantae to silence for a few awkward seconds, a lot of things started to strangely make sense as the few changes in her technique and her memory did get explained by this little information. For a while, she hadn't been all that good at memorizing new dances, yet in the past few months, when she first met the serpentine saleswoman, she had grown to remember more and more of her dances. The way she seemed to get lost in her movements lately, how she was at peace, in a perfectly instinctive control over her performances, was much more rational now that hypnosis had entered the picture. Tuki, in her own way, had taken over and upgraded her skills slowly over time, despite Shantae never quite remembering how and never questioning why. ''But...Why?'' Shantae asked, much more puzzled than anything as she looked at Tuki nervously, unsure whether she was truly safe with this snake-woman now that she knew.

''Because you've got talent, baby,'' Tuki said with a tint of passion beneath her little smirk. ''When I met you for the first time, I knew that you were a dancer and you showed me your stuff. What I saw didn't disappoint and I wanted to see more of it, to see it develop and I just had to make sure your potential wouldn't be wasted. Because hips don't lie, darling, and yours were telling a story that just had to be completed for their wonders to be truly known~''

Sheltering doubt within her mind, Shantae wanted to trust Tuki as there seemed to be a sincerity in her tone, yet she wasn't sure whether it would be a good idea to just go on and let this go on like this. She didn't quite enjoy not remembering a few key details like this, as perhaps she could be taken advantage of, or worse. Despite the fact that Tuki had finally gone on to tell the truth of the matter and that it was mostly beneficial for Shantae in the end, she simply had to make sure that she'd stop things right there. However, as Shantae was about to raise her voice, Tuki looked at her in the eyes and spoke.

''Now, we're kind of losing time on your further lessons, dear, and while I'm sure we have a lot to talk about, I do admit that I want to further see your work your magic...Now... Dance time~''

Upon hearing the last two words uttered by Tuki, Shantae began to feel a little dizzy, yet also strangely warm and comfortable as she went on to move her hips in a way that felt unfamiliar to her. Doing so in a serpentine and continuous fashion, graceful beyond what she thought herself capable of, a wave of magic shook through her, not unlike when she used her transformation dance, yet this one seemed only to pass over her skin. Utterly focused, she nonetheless felt this aura wash over her as her clothes vanished for a few seconds in a flash as new ones covered her. A golden and metallic bra, a golden chain on her hips and waist, a little sapphire shaped like a heart covering her privates, a golden tiara adorned with a cobra, wristbands made of pure gold, and a little sapphire lodged in her navel made for her new costume, as she felt her hair braid itself in all its length and glory. Feeling warm, fuzzy and with the spirit of the dance invading her mind, Shantae was already lost in a trance until she heard two small clanging sounds on the ground near her, as she snapped out of it quickly upon hearing them.

''Hmm, still a few kinks to work out of this one. The sword really needs to go,'' Tuki lightly complained, a part of her thick body pushing it away from Shantae as the half-genie hero came back to her senses.

Witnessing that she had changed into what she had dubbed her ''Space Princess'' costume, Shantae felt furious for a few seconds, until she realized that she hadn't brought this outfit along with her. How did she even change into this? How did her hair get to braid itself in such a perfect manner? She simply had to know. ''What happened? How did I even get in this getup? And what's with the broken sword on the floor?''

''My, you're full of questions tonight. Then again, I did finally tell you the truth about all of our little encounters, so I suppose it was to be expected,'' Tuki said, looking away as if she couldn't face how Shantae was reacting. ''When I began to seriously train you, I tried to see if I could not just make you learn to create new dances instead of mimicking ancient ones. This one is a creation, an imperfect one, of you and I as you followed my instructions and suggestions. Since you can transform your entire being, I thought that perhaps we could just change a few parts instead of your body, but so far the only success that we had was that we could make you change your clothes through dancing, with a few accessories on the side...As for the sword, this is the one that your friend made. I figured that since it was inefficient as a weapon, it could be used as a tool for sword-dancing, but it was too flimsy to handle this. I think we should just throw it away at this point.''

A little dumbstruck about this explanation, Shantae still listened intently as she began to realize that, perhaps, this could all lead to several breakthroughs not only in her dancing, but also with her task as a Guardian Genie. What if she found new forms to change to? What if she could change gear in a flash, teleporting it to her side with only a dance? In her own way, despite the flaw in her approach, Tuki did try to help. Maybe, just maybe, it would be wise to keep at it, as Shantae sighed and changed her attitude as she looked at Tuki with a calm, but serious expression. ''Okay...I want you to know that, even though I'm kind of angry at how your intentions seemed to overlap my feelings on the subject...I think this would be a good idea to proceed like this for a little while longer.''

''What do you mean?'' Tuki asked, her attitude changing drastically as she got closer to Shantae, stopping her actions for a little while.

''The fact that you've been training me under hypnosis and experimented with my talents and magic did lead to some solid breakthroughs, even though I think you've been wrong to do so without asking me first. With what you've accomplished, though, I think we should continue, but I want to make certain things clear before we even continue,'' Shantae said, taking a deep breath as she'd have a lot of things to say on the matter. ''First, I want to remember everything that has been happening since you've started to hypnotize me. Every little details, every moments, back in my memory, with nothing left out of place and I want to remember everything for future sessions as well. Second, I want to make sure that you never do this outside of this dimension, as I'm not sure it would be wise for me to lose control in any place else. Third, you will not take advantage of me when I'm under your control. I don't want to do anything that I would regret while I'm vulnerable. Finally, you're going to ask me before every sessions if I want to be hypnotized or not. I want to have a choice here. If you can agree to all of this, then I'll try to trust you and we can resume your experiments and lessons.''

With Tuki rather dumbfounded about all of these demands, she listened on and then giggled a little, amused by this turn of events. ''Fine, I agree on all things. If it lets me keep my fun, then it's all good~'' she declared with a playful wink, before then going on to sway her hips from side to side before Shantae's eyes. '' First, let me make you remember everything, as you've asked~''

Content that Tuki agreed to her demand, Shantae didn't even have the opportunity to voice her approval as Tuki's hips, in their sway, seemed to shine in a way that felt absolutely alluring to her. With a clockwork precision, yet with a graceful and serpentine quality to them, Tuki's hips never missed a beat as her green scales invited Shantae's own eyes to follow them, to let herself indulge her sight on their beauty. Transfixed and mesmerized, Shantae's voice grew silent as her eyes began to grow dim, her pupils disappearing while her senses began to entirely focus on the dance offered to her. Relaxed and in a pleasantly groggy disposition, Shantae followed the snake dancer's hips as they went right to left...right to left...right to she already began her new descent into hypnotic bliss as Tuki began to chuckle at the sight.

''There, follow my hips and look all you want. It's okay to just go on and stare, to follow the beautiful pattern with your eyes as you begin to fall into a light trance,'' Tuki began to say, taking things slow for the moment, enjoying the situation as this new paradigm in their relationship did give her an opportunity to rework the basis from the ground up. ''Tell me how you feel, Shantae. Do you like seeing this dance?''

Ever truthful, Shantae felt no need to alter her response or her demeanour even while under this spell she was in, as she answered honestly. '' this. I am so calm, at peace...I just think about the dance...About those hips...''

''Good, good~'' Tuki said, as she arched her back and swung her hips even further, her pendulum effect getting wider as her arms rose in the air to add balance to this performance. ''Now, as you watch my hips and this dance that relax you so much, you will start to remember every single time I've hypnotized you, brought you under my spell. Let the memories be unlocked as you recall every single feelings and details, dear~''

With the wider array of those scaly green hips, Shantae could not help but follow these instructions, not just because it was due to the fact that she did want to understand, but also because Tuki was suggesting it, with her own desires mixing themselves with the ideas presented by the snake dancer. She began to remember the first time she tried to smash Tuki's jar, calling her forth and how this same dance had brought the same warm feeling, the pleasant dizziness and that bizarre focus that brought only ecstasy and bliss. Then, she remembered a newer version when she had learned a dance to heal herself, as Tuki's eyes had emitted the most wonderful of colors for her to concentrate on, bringing the same sensation as Shantae had danced while those colors had invaded her senses, towering and overpowering over her dancing stance. Dozens of such memories began to fill her head, with dancing, colors, fuzziness, allure and even sensuality pervading the pores of her skin. As she relived every single instances where she had been hypnotized in such wonderful ways, the shadows of those moving hips never left her as it was hard for Shantae to concentrate on anything but Tuki, be it the version that danced for her right now, or the dozen of others that were all from the past, yet now coming back to the present in a glorious illusion that only heightened the experience for her. It all ended, however, with her hearing the same tune as the one she had heard when she had gone inside the jar, the last memory of Shantae being brought under that she could relive through.

''It felt peaceful and good, didn't it?'' Tuki commented, a smirk on her face as she placed a few fingers beneath the half-genie's chin, making her focus once more on her despite her dance being over for a little while. ''Now that you remember and that you know, do you like being hypnotized, dear?''

With no shame or restraint, Shantae was attaining a new level of honesty as she felt that she simply could not lie to Tuki, a vestige of past trances that made it so a few suggestions that she had implanted firmly in her mind were being reinforced. ''I like it. I like being hypnotized.'' With her own voice confirming it, there was no shame or bias, as the hints of a smile appeared on Shantae's face, the memory of Tuki's dance being more than enough to fuel this trance she was under.

''So much for your reluctance, then,'' Tuki said with a chuckle, going on to sway her hips once more. ''Now... Charming hips~''

Hearing those words, Shantae felt a compulsion to try and to mimic Tuki's moves as her hips began to move on their own, obeying to an urge that was simply irresistible. Her eyes locked over the dance that had made her willpower vanish, charming her soul to an impossible degree. Despite the much wider back and forth that Tuki went with, an advantage attributed to her ungodly long tail and how masterful she was at handling its length and weight, Shantae still gave it her best shot as her own hips were as fluid as water. With her thoughts being focused only on Tuki and on obeying these suggestions and commands that came with that wonderful trance, Shantae only reacted in a manner as beautiful as possible.

''You're doing great, dear. Now, put your feet into the jar for me, would you?'' Tuki said, as she then went on to move her body around, her own tail going on to guide the prodigal half-genie toward her destination.

Following her instruction with no hesitation, Shantae placed one feet in front of the other, keeping herself in balance as the previous trigger that Tuki had activated was still in full effect. Mimicking and following Tuki's swaying, Shantae felt more and more serpentine as her movements were Tuki's, and Tuki's movement were her own. Feeling like a puppet, with Tuki moving the strings, she nonetheless felt her body move to an unknown beat and her muscles relax and clench as she stretched with every little twirls and sways that Tuki made her perform. Her muscle memory being quite active, she felt as if she had done those moves dozens of time before, yet there was also a freshness that kept things thrilling despite her thought process being narrowed down due to the hypnotic and near-sensual powers that Tuki possessed. Arriving at her destination, she then went on to place herself in the jar, as her feet touched the bottom, a fact that would have greatly surprised her if she wasn't stuck in a blissful trance. Thus, her legs were restricted, leaving only her hips, waist, butt, chest and arms to really move, adding a challenge to how she'd need to proceed if she was to obey those implanted suggestions in her subconscious.

''Very good. Now, do try to keep up and to move like I do, as we'll be practicing your twirls and your stance~'' Tuki declared, as she went on to approach her flute close to her lips, before uttering a few key words. '' Snake lock.''

Shantae, going further into her wondrous trance, felt her eyes lock up on Tuki, on her upper body and hips as she had no option to look elsewhere, nor did she want to at this point. With the music of the flute resuming, her own expression of bliss began to fade, replaced by pure focus as her glazed eyes did not quit Tuki's performance for a single second. With the snake-woman still dancing, Shantae felt an obligation to keep watch, as a key word began to resonate within her mind, one that held high importance as a concept: mistress.

''Now the true training begins,'' Tuki said, speaking in a playful manner, uttering her commands before continuing her flute-playing. ''As my disciple, you must follow and try to do as good as your mistress, to dance with all the energy you can muster. Try and impress me, dear~''

Without having the time to fully comprehend what mistress Tuki was saying, Shantae had to adapt instantly to the situation as Tuki began to move her body around, going away from the hypnotized half-genie's sight. Still swaying her hips and hearing that wonderfully mesmerizing tune, Shantae began to rotate by using her toes as she felt the need, the craving, to observe Tuki more and more. With the desire to impress Tuki deep within her subconscious, she began to raise her arms as she twirled her hips in circle while going forth with her effort, the new trigger replacing the older one as she no longer felt the need to mimic, but rather to surpass herself. Her light attire helping in that regard, the warmth of the environment only fueled the way her skin came in contact with the air surrounding her, as she felt at one with this place. She was a dancer, caught in a dancing trance and she had to impress her audience, even if it only consisted of mistress Tuki.

With Tuki playing that devilishly hypnotic tune, she could not help but smirk as Shantae, who seemed to understand their new relationship as mistress and pupil, made this all the more exciting. The fact that she knew and that, in her honesty, revealed that hypnosis was enjoyable to her made it all the more enjoyable. This could, perhaps with time, cement these kind of sessions into an even more amazing thing to Tuki, something precious to cherish as she'd see her pet project, her star pupil, rise to the top and become the dancer that she could very well become. She'd see to it that her talent would never go to waste, that it would reach peaks upon peaks. Caught in this enjoyment, Tuki twirled and rolled her belly, the passion in this dimension being infectious as she moved her body, with her own tail beginning to circle around the jar and Shantae, providing for an excellent base for her to move around.

With her mistress going around in circle, tantalizing her with the ever-wonderful display of her sublime hips, Shantae spun at an increasing pace, going with difficult moves while she was at it as the jar helped her keep her balance. Egyptian twirls, back arching, rough shaking of her hips and waist, belly rolls and a multitude of moves succeeded themselves one after the other. With her focus being definitive, Shantae held no thoughts about just how impressive what she was doing truly was. She had to obey her impulses, even when they were dictated by mistress Tuki. Her hair being like a serpent tail of her own, it flew gracefully, acting like a little counterweight of its own as it helped her keep track of certain moves, but in a manner that felt much less helpful than the delightful dance that Tuki performed.

The tempo of the tune increasing, the dancing of both Tuki and Shantae followed suit as sweat began to pearl on Shantae's body, the effort proving to be intense even though she held her own very well. With Tuki keeping track of that, she knew it would be a matter of minutes until Shantae would no longer be able to follow these commands, as her body would be unresponsive. Aware that Shantae had undoubtedly a day filled with adventures and an evening filled with even more dancing, these training sessions could be even more draining as Shantae could ignore the fatigue in her body, yet it was still very much present. With Shantae beginning to falter a little, Tuki then went on to slow down progressively, her own motions and her body being easier to follow for Shantae. It would be a shame for Shantae to overexert herself as Tuki then began to stop her tune, looking at Shantae with a sense of pride as she was becoming more and more an excellent dancer. ''Very well, I think we'll be done for tonight, darling,'' she said in a low voice, trying to contain her desire to continue this wonderful session. '' Dance time over.''

Stopping dead in her tracks for a few seconds, Shantae then resumed with a much calmer and controlled dance, as her outfit puffed away into thin air, her original one covering her like when she had penetrated inside Tuki's home dimension. Her hair returning to their natural state as well, Shantae then went back to a happier trance as the euphoria of hypnosis returned within her mindset, her focus a little lost, yet her enjoyment of her situation still going on strongly.

''Very well, now, as per our agreement, you shall remember everything about this session and shall reclaim the memories of the past sessions as well. I want you to get a good night of sleep and to recall all those moves you made, to really analyze them,'' Tuki said, approaching much closer to Shantae to make sure she'd be heard and to make sure that she was okay. ''If you're still okay with our arrangement, then you can meet me tomorrow night and enter the jar so that we can continue with your training. I'll be waiting~''

Then, with a snap of her fingers, Shantae was sucked in the jar, returning her to her lighthouse home in order to follow Tuki's command. Her fatigue catching up to her, sleep came in easily as she dozed off, dreaming of dancing amongst other things...

* * *

Waking up, Shantae could recall everything with clarity, as she groggily sat on the edge of her bed, pondering upon what had just happened last night. She had been helpless, obeying triggers that she knew were in place, going along with the commands and the demands of Tuki, who had made her dance to her whim as she had no other option to go along with it at the sight of her hips as she had unleashed her hypnotic power over her, a power that had only been heightened through multiple sessions. However, as much as thought about it in this way...She could not fault her decision nor could she truly be mad in any capacity against Tuki.

For all that she had thought a few seconds earlier, she placed her feet on the ground and stood up, beginning to twirl around with a grace that was unnatural, as the vivid memories of last night came back to her body. Using her toes and her feet to balance herself, with her hair flowing like the wind and her hips like water, she had a precise recollection of just how excellently she performed. With an awareness in retrospective that she did not possess when she was under her trance, Tuki did as she had promised, much like all those previous times. Despite her initial reluctance, her hypnotic skill were an excellent tool to make sure that she'd be able to train under specific restraint and that she would only learn more and more this noble art through one that, even though she was mischievous of nature, did want the best for her. She had not taken advantage, nor had she made her do anything that she wouldn't do, as dancing was in Shantae's soul ever since she had been born.

There was, however, a part that Shantae tried to suppress, to not think about too much, yet it proved to be a futile gesture: she was starting to really enjoy being put under a trance like this. All her worries, her doubts, thrown away as bliss and relaxation came over, overpowered her darkest emotions and gave her a focus that she didn't know she could channel. The sheer pleasure of it, she had to admit, was becoming more and more attractive as an idea, as was visiting Tuki, with her dancing being like an invitation toward this sublime experience of hypnosis. Aware that those serpentine hips would haunt her thoughts for a long time now that she knew and recalled the number of times their powers had overwhelmed her, she stopped dancing as she made way to Scuttle Town to get herself some breakfast. Before going downstairs, she eyed the jar that was still there, with Shantae now fully aware that it was her that had brought it to her home by Tuki's command. This knowledge not bothering her anymore, it was with a smile that she went to do her precious and important job.

After all, she'd be seeing this jar and the dimension that it hides later this very night.

What's this? A sequel to a story that I really enjoyed writing, with a picture that is really great attached to it? What a surprise!

Little joke aside, it does happen at times that, when I find a picture that I really love, a story comes in mind that demands that I use this picture in tandem with it. This one, a commission from :icondaisyhypno:, really took the cake as it features a lot of things I love. Considering that I had already written a story where Tuki, our favourite snake saleswoman, hypnotized Shantae, I thought that a sequel to it would do wonders, so here it is.

The picture, by the way, was drawn by :iconsnakeguyjack:, also known as SnakePersonJack in some circles (notably their Tumblr), draws a lot of things that I absolutely adore: lamias, harems, belly dancers, hypnosis and sometimes all of these themes combined. Couple that with Shantae, a character and franchise that I don't anyone would be surprised to hear that I love, and it just needed to have a story attached to it. They were cool with it, gave me their permission and so here we are. I have a lot of respect for what they do and so, if you want to encourage them, I'm going to link up their Patren page. Give it a go if you think you can afford it and if you enjoy their work. Best be warned, though, as they do NSFW stuff.

With all that said, a fun little fact: their version of Tuki, with that absurdly long tail, is more in-touch with Tuki's creator original version, as :icongunmouth: fully intended her to be like some kind of ouroboros, a snake with an endless tail, minus the ''snake-eats-its-own-tail'' part.

If you want to see the head picture in its original resolution, as well as congratulates the artist for a job well done, here's the link:…
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You should do more stories about Shantae and Tuki.
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IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Well, that's the joke actually, as her slave outfit (which is a variation from the Dancer's outfit in Risky's Revenge) is actually jokingly called a ''Space Princess'' outfit in Pirate's Curse. It's a tongue-in-cheek callout to the game itself.
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