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Shehra followed the Goron to the cave where Goron City was, in awe. Link was his name like her father’s? It made Shehra wonder much about him. Um, L-L-Link?” she asked, hesitant to call him that considering the strangeness of the situation.

Yes?” Link the Goron replied.

I’m curious, where did you get that name from?” Shehra asked.

My father gave it to me. He named me after the great hero of the Gorons who killed off the Dodongos and returned out main source of food back to our people,” Link replied.

And who is your father?” Shehra asked.

At this, Link paused bringing his hands to his now hung-down head where he was rubbing his eyes as he began to cry, an act that caught Shehra off-guard. The Gerudos were a tough and firm people, not much of a crying type, but she figured that whatever had happened in this city involved this young Goron’s father. She had to get him to settle down if she was to get any answers.

Um,” she began hesitantly as an idea of what happened occurred to her, “Did…..Ganondorf take him?”

Sniffling a bit, Link got up the courage to speak as he nodded sadly. Ganondorf came…with a young girl imprisoned in a tree.” he began trying to hold back his tears. “He unleashed evil monsters and ghosts from the Shadow Temple to drive the Gorons out of our village. They followed the sound of a strange music from a cave in our village and found refuge amongst a troop of kids known as the Kokiri. Unfortunately for my father, Ganondorf used his dark magic to solidify the parts of his body that were living until he turned him into an……..and immovable statue! He turned my father into a statue right in front of my eyes!”

Shehra nodded, her understanding of just how dire things were and how the horrors that she had seen were but a constant in Hyrule now. That was yet another very sad story, and it made Shehra all the sicker regarding Ganondorf. First he kidnapped a farmer’s daughter, enslaved members of a village, forced the remaining citizens to live under a creepy graveyard, and now he turned a boy’s father into a statue and drove his people out of their home as well. What other insidious deeds had this madman performed? So, what are you doing here?” she asked. “Shouldn’t you be with the others in their refuge?”

I was.” Link replied getting his composure back. “But the Kokiri and the Gorons were also forced to live in the remains of a dead tree. It’s getting crowded in there and food supplies are running low for us Gorons considering there aren’t a lot of rocks in the remains of the Great Deku Tree. And the ones that are there usually have bugs crawling under them, and Gorons hate eating things touched by bugs.”

So you braved coming here to get rocks for your people to eat,” Shehra deduced with a sense of admiration for the little fellow. Even though he had been crying his eyes out a few seconds ago, she could see that perhaps there was a reason why he shared her father's name. “That’s very brave of you.”

Yes, but that’s not all,” Link replied. “The Kokiri and the Gorons got tired of being imprisoned, so we decided to build a resistance. Unfortunately the Kokiri can’t leave their forest home. With the exception of their Forest Temple priestess, Saria, if they try to leave, they die. So we Gorons are all that’s left to fight.”

This news was like music to Shehra’s ears. If she played her cards right, they would have the reinforcements of the Gorons on their side. That’s good to hear!” Shehra exclaimed. “My family is mounting a resistance against Ganondorf for the sake of my father, and I was sent to ask for the Goron’s help in joining our army!”

Really?” Link asked. “That’s wonderful! I’m glad we have allies! I’m sure my people will join yours when we meet.”

Yes, but that doesn’t really explain why you’re here.” Shehra asked. “There are lots of rocks on the way to the palace, so you’d have food for the battlefield. Not to mention the walls of the castle are made of rock as well. I don’t really see the point of you coming here only for food.”

I’m not here only for food.” Link explained. “I also came to pick bomb flowers from the Dodongo’s Cavern. I’m not here alone, I brought the bomb maker from our village to turn bomb flowers into bombs and bombchus to make an arsenal of explosives for our mission. You see, with the exception of their arrows, the weaponry of the Kokiri isn’t all that good. They mainly fight with Deku nuts, Deku sticks, and Deku seeds. While those may be all and good for protection in the forest, they aren’t really suitable weapons for a war.”

No. No they aren’t,” Shehra agreed. “Tell me, how many bombs and bombchus do you have so far? Adding them to our arsenal will be beneficial.”

We have nearly 10,000 Bombs and nearly 7,500 Bombchu,” Link answered much to Shehra’s surprise. “We were planning on going on the charge just as soon as the bomb flowers died off this year. Which they have now.”

I see,” Shehra nodded happily for this bit of good news. Not only would their army have the strength of the Gorons, if this went well, but they would have enough explosives to destroy an army. As for the other intriguing weaponry made by the Kokiri….

You mentioned the Kokiri make arrows. How many arrows have the Kokiri made?” she asked. “Also, while you might not think highly of them, the magic power of Deku seeds can be useful in blinding and stunning charging armies. So tell me, how many arrows and Deku seeds do the Kokiri have?”

Link hesitated. Gorons had no use for arrows, they were too strong to handle bows. They’d break if they tried to pull the bowstrings. Not to mention the Kokiri couldn’t use them. Although they were great archers, they couldn’t leave the forest to join the fight. But then again, this woman seemed to possess the body capable of the kind of strength suitable for a bow. And if every member of her army was like her, then maybe the arrows could be used by them which would help in the upcoming war.
They have hundreds of thousands of arrows and seeds,” Link replied.

Excellent!” Shehra spoke. “Come Link. Let’s get the last of your bomb flowers turned into bombchus and bombs, then get to where your people and the Kokiri are being held prisoner so we can get to negotiations for war.”


In the Gerudo’s encampment, Namira was trying everything in her power to try and reverse the damage done to Link’s altered mind, but it just wasn’t working. She tried the Gerudo seduction dance to try and hypnotize him into forgetting all she taught him when they first met, but it just wasn’t working like it should. She tried talking to him trying to get him to remember who he was, but nothing seemed to work. It was getting worrisome since they needed Link at his full-potential if they were going to go against Ganondorf with him, but if Link wasn’t going to comply, they would be in a dire situation.

Shakti sighed too knowing that if something was causing her father to resist her mother’s charms, it had to have been very powerful. I’ll bet that version of the Gerudo seduction dance that horrid witch did on father is the cause of this,” she suggested. “Since she supposedly was the creator of it, she must have used a more powerful version that makes his mind and soul deaf to yours.”

That makes sense,” Namira nodded. “But how do we break it? How do we restore him to normal?”

Shakti thought for a moment, then something occurred to her. Nabooru. If Nabooru had been under Twinrova’s thrall and custody all this time, maybe she knew how her powers worked. Mother, maybe you should let Nabooru take a look at father?” she spoke. “She’s lived with Twinrova for years. From what she’s told me, she knows much of her powers.”

Looking thoughtfully at her daughter, Namira nodded as she rose to where Nabooru was being tended to. Mistress,” she began. “We have reason to believe that Link is under a strong spell made by Twinrova, and since you have been under her thrall, maybe you could tell us what is wrong with him?”

Nabooru looked up and her protégé with a look of annoyance. You performed the Gerudo seduction dance on him,” she began. “After I specifically told you to never perform it no matter what?!”

I-I…” Namira began.

Why do you think I told you never to use it?” she demanded crossly. “The Gerudo seduction dance was the whole reason Ganondorf was created!”

With a gasp, Namira listened as Nabooru explained, “When I was young, that witch Twinrova went to our leader at the time and performed her dance on a young male that was visiting us, making them both bed each other. As they conceived, Twinrova watched them in perverted glee as she cast another spell forcing the presence of great evil into her womb. That spell infected the baby that was created from that moment of lust turning him into a vessel of the spirit of pure evil and thus Ganondorf was born. After the birthing, Ganondorf’s parents were killed in front of us as Twinrova took the baby boy away to be raised in the ways of evil.”

And that’s why the Gerudo seduction dance was banned, and why men were forbidden in our village,” Namira deduced. “So that this would never happen again.”

That’s right.” Nabooru nodded. “And now that witch has blocked your ability with her own. Unless we find what is wrong with him, we have no hope of bringing the Hero of Time back.” Rising to her feet, Nabooru sighed. I’ll have to get in really close to him, which means only one thing..Bring Link to my tent, Namira.”

Confused a bit by how forward Nabooru was being about this, Namira opened her mouth to speak, but a wave of Nabooru’s hand was enough to let Namira know that this was not up for debate. So she rose to her feet with a bow. As you wish, Mistress Nabooru,” she replied making her way to Link’s tent.

Once she arrived, Link knelt at her feet and began to kiss it seemingly more obedient and aroused than ever before. Mistress!” He spoke. “What is thy bidding great Goddess of the Desert?! I wish to please you more than I ever have in my life!”

Namira shook her head. Link’s condition was getting worse, and time was of the essence. She had to get Link treatment as soon as possible, so she held up her hand. It seemed that whatever version of the dance Twinrova had sent his way was ticking time-bomb that had made him behave more erratically, making him prone to indulge in his lust. He had been fine prior to this moment, but the cracks were already showing. Slave,” She spoke, “You showed signs of lust for Nabooru when you met her. Do you find her attractive?”

Of course Mistress,” Link replied. “She is not you or Fiora, but she is Gerudo and thus a Goddess in my eyes!”

Good,” Namira replied. “Then it would give me great pleasure if you were to go to her tent and give her the same treatment you gave my sisters, Fiora, and I.”

You mean servitude, adoration and submission?” Link asked as Namira nodded. “Is Nabooru ready for me?”

She’s begging for you.” Namira answered. “So go. I command you!”

Yes Mistress.” Link bowed making his way to Nabooru’s tent. Already, he saw how Nabooru seemed more striking than ever, maing her seem worthier of his worship by the second. Even though he knew that he had to fight it, there was just no use as he wanted to kneel and obey before this sublime woman.

Before he'd even get a chance, though, Nabooru stood before him and then crossed her arms, looking at him intensely. ''How far has the Hero of Time has come, and how deeply has has fallen,'' she began, her tone hinting at pity and disappointment. ''Many were waiting for you to accomplish your destiny, and yet it seemed that your hormones were the one thing that we couldn't have prepared for...''

Her words, in many ways, seemed to hurt more than they should have, as Link felt a part of him shiver in disgrace. No matter how beautiful she was or how sweet her voice felt like in his ears, the bitter truth and the small part of his will that was still intact felt the sting of what she spoke of.

''We cannot truly fault you for all this, though, as the technique used on you was conceived to make people lost their way, if momentarily. The fact that it has been used on you countless times does account to how you feel right now,'' she explained, taking a stance that was immediately familiar to Link. ''I know of this technique too, though I swore never to use it. The situation calls for it, however, so look, listen and obey.''

Observing her intently, Link foresaw that she was about to dance for him, as the suggestions in his mind made it impossible to look away. To tear his gaze in another direction would be an affront to the gift of this sensual dance and thus he knelt instinctively, fully intent on following Nabooru's direct command.

Beginning to sway her hips from right to left, Nabooru then began her take on this dance of mesmerizing beauty as she twirled her arms, bringing a serpentine spirit to it all to coil up Link's spirit in her unseen spell. ''Look at me, drink of my form and listen, for I shall free you from this torment and make sure you shall be the person everyone needs.'' Saying this, she then twirled and took a few steps away, going for a jar that was close as she took a pinch of powder, then ran it in the air and on her belly to add a new sensation to the dance. With the smell of the Gerudo spice wafting around, it also added a particular color to her belly as the magic flowing through it made the dusty spice form a swirl on her stomach, all leading to her navel. ''As you look and hear, I want you to picture the latest person who went on to use this technique on you. Make it so you can picture her in your mind.''

The image of Twinrova, of her great size, her confident eyes and the way she played with frost and fire, began to take form in Link's mind as the red and blue spirals went on to make his irises fade away. The powerful and hypnotic dance of this mistress of magic being still very strong in his mind, he began to smile as the memories assailled away further at his resistance, even though Nabooru's dance was being performed before him.

''Good. Now I want you to look at the swirls and tell me what you love about my dance, about my body,'' Nabooru commanded, twirling once more to yet another jar as she took some gold dust, spraying it with her serpentine arms onto her belly. Adding to the swirls, brown and gold made way for a particularly attractive sight that went on to combine into a potent and mesmerizing quality. The two colors never overshadowing her belly and her curves, it only added to the spectacle as she rolled her belly closer to his eyes to further add to her performance.

''I-I-...'' Link began to say, mumbling as the vision of Twinrova seemed to compete with what he was seeing right now. The scent, the beauty and the presence of Nabooru made it easier for him to concentrate solely on her, as his desire to obey rose up to the task at hand. ''I love your curves, mistress. I love how round and perfect your navel is. I love your commanding presence, your skills, your grace and just how your scent drives me crazy.''

''Very good, Link. Now, I want you to tell me what you dislike about Twinrova, about the witch who occupied your mind for a while. I want you to tell me why you could hate her, why you'd fight her,'' Nabooru commanded, getting on her knees before him as she rolled her belly in a particularly intense fashion to overwhelm his senses.

This command being intense for Link to follow, he nonetheless felt a compulsion to do as she said, the dance owning his mind, as he felt a part of him struggling. ''I...I hate how she went on to fight the Gerudos...How she wanted to hurt those I love...'' he began, the words coming out of his mouth with difficulty. '' I hate how she made me using something that I enjoy...That I hold sacred...I hate how she got the drop on me...''

Running her hands on her stomach, Nabooru began to mumble a few words in an ancient language as the golden dust began to glow, while the spice got warmer on her stomach. Rising up, she then swayed her hips roughly before Link's eyes to overpower him. ''Excellent, you've done very well, Link. Now, kiss my belly so that you may be free of her influence, so that your hatred can bring down her hold on your mind along with it.''

Obeying her command, Link pressed his lips on her belly as the hot and spicy feeling blasted his mind with a blinding flash, as he felt a part of him removed from his spirit. Closing his eyes and wincing away, he looked at Nabooru in puzzlement before he saw that a golden gem had taken form in her navel, a result of the swirls of spice and gold as they had vanished from her stomach.

''And now it is done, her hold over you is removed, going away into non-existence,'' Nabooru said calmly as she took the gem out of her belly button, crushing it with ease with but a press of her fingers. Her dance, however, was not yet over as she then bobbed her navel up and down to still catch his gaze. ''Now, to reinforce your spirit. Remember all that happened prior to seeing this dance for the first time, Link, then tell me what you fight for...''

Memories of his adventures came rushing in, with the sages, the legend of the Triforce, all those dungeons, the adventures, the fights and everything that he had done being brought back in force. Mixing together with what he had done and what he had experienced as a part of the Gerudos, he found a renewed strength, his hesitation vanquished. ''I fight for everyone, for the sake of those that cannot fight. I fight for Hyrule, for a better future for this land,'' he answered, his resolve getting stronger. ''I fight for the Gorons, the Kokirians, the Zoras and the Hyrulians, but also for the Gerudos, for my daughters and for a peaceful future...I fight to right the wrongs that have been caused.''

Smiling, Nabooru then slowed down the dance as she then held his head gently with her hands, looking at him in the eyes. ''Remember this always, let it be your strength. Whenever one shall try to make you forget this, you shall find new resolve and you shall not falter so easily. While I cannot remove entirely what has been done to you, I can make sure that you have a say in things, that you can fight,'' Nabooru explained. Stopping the dance and snapping her fingers, she then woke him up from his trance, the helped him up to his feet. ''How do you feel, Hero of Time?''

Still wobbly and somewhat lost in a lingering trance, Link got up as he then looked at Nabooru with respect. ''Better. I feel that I shan't ever lose focus, that I can actually save Hyrule and all those that lives within now. Thanks to you.''

''You did the hard job, Link. Don't remove the credit that is your due,'' Nabooru replied, sitting down as she looked at the vigorous Hylian before her.

Perhaps now they would stand a chance against Ganondorf, after all...

It has been a long time since I sent a new chapter for this one, uh?

I think an apology for those who enjoyed this storyline is due, as well as to my collaborator :iconj4rre77: who had actually sent me his part a long while ago. Since I was caught up on my project, I had put this aside and, well, perhaps for a touch too long.

In this one, there is hypnosis, belly-dancing and a turn of the tide as we get Nabooru in a more active role, with a certain restoration for our hero.

:iconj4rre77: wrote the majority of this one, with me editing and adding a few parts here and there (the belly-dancing scene is all me, though). Let's hope he enjoys the few changes and that your readers like where this is going. ;)
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I understand. I'll get back to you on the matter via notes later today so that we may discuss this.
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