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Galloping Strider and Talona along across Gerudo Valley unto Hyrule Field, Shakti and Shehra were out on their grand adventure into the world after spending all their lives in the desert. Always curious about the outside world, they gasped and awed at the sight of all the beautiful greens and various colors all about. Most of their lives, the only green they ever saw were the small crops and the attire of the head of their village, Namira. Now to be surrounded by such pretty colors everywhere around was truly a breathtaking sight to behold. Vegetation of all kind grew there, a commonality that was not worth mentioning for anyone else beside them, rendered them wide-eyed as their expectations were sky-high. Already anxious to get on with their search and to see as much as they could, they could not help but have goofy, childlike smiles on their face.

Turning to her sister, Shakti smiled. Well, where should we look for men, Shehra?” She asked. “We need young, healthy, handsome, and able men with which to charm and take with us back to the village with us, but where will we find them?”

That’s a good question Shakti,” Shehra replied. “Too bad I don’t have an ans- wait a minute, I have an idea...'' she began to say, searching through her effects. Reaching into a compartment in her saddle, Shehra pulled out a book that she had brought with her.

Curious, Shakti asked her sister, “What is that book for?''

It was our father’s book,” Shehra explained opening it. “It seems before he met our mothers, he was an adventurer who traveled around fighting great evils and journeying through dangerous dungeons.”

Really? Oh, how exciting!” Shakti squealed in admiration towards her father. “So, is that some sort of diary he kept with him?”

Yes, and I think I remember seeing something he wrote about in here,” Shehra opened the book to a picture depicting five young men dancing around in what looked like a cobweb infested old house.

“The picture's aren't bad at all,” Shakti admired. “But who are they?”

I don’t know,” Shehra replied, “But father wrote about it in the previous page, let me see…”

Flipping back a page, Shehra smiled as she read out loud to her sister and companion. Here we are, it reads: “Day 64: I have killed fifty Gold Skulltulas and am heading back to Kakariko Village to obtain my fifth reward for freeing one of the men cursed to live as a Skulltula for every ten gold ones I’ve killed. Now that I’ve killed fifty, all the sons of their father are free.”

So these men were Skulltula’s before they were humans?” Shakti asked.

Apparently according to previous entries in out father’s log, they were humans before the Gold Skulltula’s cursed them. Only by killing ten Skulltula can each one be free of his curse.” Shehra explained.

That seems gruesome! It's a good thing dad managed to save them,” Shakti said, a little smile on her face. “Our father is such a good man.”

Yes, and I’m sure there are others like him too.” Shehra nodded. “Why not start at Kakariko village?”

Yes, so let’s find out if there are any that strikes our fancy there and see if they could do with some...persuading...” Shakti mentioned, swaying her hips in a comical fashion to emphasize her point.

Not so fast, sister,” Shehra spoke. “First we have to find out where this ‘Kakariko Village’ is. Since we don’t have a map, we’ll need to stop and ask for directions.”

Considering her sister, Shakti smacked herself in the head for forgetting her father’s map that he had made while traveling. It certainly would have come in handy.

Well, where should we go? I don’t see a person for miles,” she asked. Looking around, suddenly she spotted a big building on a hill that looked like in was built as a fortress, but it smelled like it was full of livestock. Perhaps it was a place akin to home, with fields and workers plowing through them.

There. That might be someplace where we can find someone who can tell us where the village we seek is,” Shehra answered. “Let’s head over to that building and-“

But suddenly her thoughts were interrupted by a barrage of soft sinister chuckling as the pair turned to see a whole army of giant ghost-like beings coming towards them.

Hey, aren’t those Poes? Like the ghost that guides people to the Desert Colossus Namira and the others spoke of?” Shakti asked.

I don’t know, but they look like they’re gearing up for a fight!” Shehra spoke drawing her weapons. “Get ready!''

The ghostly apparitions, twirling around and cackling, went toward the two young Gerudo as they went through the grassy fields as fast as they could. Encircling them and spinning around, their countless numbers went on to submerge both Shehra and Shakti as they looked at each other. Even though their excitement made them giddy for the world outside the fortress, their father had indeed told them about multiple source of dangers that could be found within Hyrule. Shakti, the more martially-minded of the two, readied her bow and went on to ready an arrow quickly, unleashing it with force and rapidity as befit one who had been trained by the very best in the whole world. The arrow, spinning and gaining momentum, unfortunately never hit its target as it passed beside the rapid and erratic Poes. Even though they were many, they knew how to dodge and anticipate as Shakti looked at Shehra with a worried expression on her face. ''I believe we might be out of our depth already...''

Shehra, opting for her wand to try her magic, went on to try a spell that her mother had passed on to her. Getting both horses as well as Shakti close to her, she then unleashed fury within her palms as she struck the ground, releasing the spell known as ''Din's fire'', creating a orb of flame that went on to expand before flickering away. Taking a few Poes with that spell, Shehra looked as she saw that while she had vanquished a few, there were still too many for them to handle. Worse, her magic abilities were close to being depleted, as she had not the resources both her father and mother held. Breathing heavily, she then went through her effects, trying to figure out a way out of this one with the equipment she brought along with her.

Shakti, fully prepared to fight like the goddess of battle she knew she could be, went on to grasp the Biggoron's sword, her muscles clenching as she held it in the air. Even with the help of the bracelets that her father once wore, the thick and tall piece of metal that towered over her tested her might in a way that nothing ever did. One swing out of that weapon and anyone would be reduced to dust, she believed, as she saw the apparitions swirl and get closer to them in a pincer attack. ''If you have anything like that spell you threw at them, now might be a good time to use it...''

Shehra, though, had no such thing as she did not know that many spells to begin with. She knew the basics of battle, archery, horse-riding, many things that would be effective in a much more standard encounter with enemy forces, yet nothing that could really face the supernatural in an easy manner. Her knowledge of songs and music, though, would be out-of-place here, as none of the songs she knew could really help them at this moment. As she thought about it, she came to the realization that she held an almost perfect weapon against those ghosts as she picked up her harp and concentrated deeply while her fingers went on to touch the instrument.

''Music is not going to help us now, Shehra. Get your head in the game!'' Shakti said, losing her cool as she readied herself for a devastating spin-attack, planning to torment those floating Poes as much as she could before they'd get assaulted.

Shehra, however, kept her focus as she played a melody, a song that she had been shown by her father himself at an opportune moment, a deadly and chaotic weapon that could wreak havoc and render many people insane if used in a cruel manner. As she played, the sun that had settled down a few moments ago came back rising, illuminating the plains with its brilliance as the Poes, caught in a panic, vanished as if they had never been there to begin with.

''How did you-'' Shakti began to say, stupefied as the Biggoron's sword dropped down on the ground with a sound thud.

''There is always the right tool for any situation, Shakti. This is what our father taught us. He demonstrated this melody that has the power to make the sun rise and fall, with night and day being at his command. This, apparently, was the way with which he could destroy undead skeletons when he was younger. I figured it could work with ghosts too,'' Shehra calmly explained, placing the harp back in its satchel as she rode back on her horse. ''Let's go meet the owner of this place.''

More than a little impressed, Shakti remained silent as she placed back the gigantic sword on her back before riding along with her sister-in-arms, a little ashamed that she had no true role in this battle.

Well, now that they’ve been taken care of, let’s head for that farm, or whatever it is.” Shakti said. “I’m sure someone there knows where Kakariko is.”

Nodding, Shehra mounted atop Strider and Shakti atop Talona and they rode up the hill until they reached an entrance with a sign beside it.

“’Lon Lon Ranch,’” Shehra spoke. “I believe this is the place where Epona was born and raised. It says so in dad’s diary as it speaks of a young farm girl named Malon who raised her. According to the diary, Epona and she were the best of friends,” she continued, more than a little curious about this farm and those who inhabited it.

Oh, I bet she would love to meet Epona’s descendants!” Shakti exclaimed. “Let’s go in and tell her how Epona and father are doing. I’m sure they were old friends” she said, smirking, as she then added “and perhaps they were more than friends before father arrived in our village…”Giggling, the two entered the farm only for their mirth to turn to shock at the sight of what was on the other side of the entrance. What awaited them was a dusty dry wasteland with no sign of crops nor water. Instead, a large number of Wolfos, Stalfos, Redeads, and other bloodthirsty monsters as far as the eye could see surrounding poor cows, horses, cuccos, and other livestock as many had already been eaten by the beastly beings. Mother of Nayru…” Shakti gasped in shock. “Such barbarism!”

We’ve got to put a stop to it before all these poor animals are all killed,” Shehra spoke drawing her blade. Despite there being walls enclosing them along with those creatures, there was still a vast amount of space for both Gerudo to take advantage of as Shehra instead opted for a more direct approach. While some of these monsters could indeed be vanquished through the use of the song she had used earlier, there was no guarantee that the others would be stupid enough to let her use that technique this time around. Charging with her brave steed, she grasped her weapon tightly with her left hand as she swung it at one of the wolf-like enemies as her right hand released a good number of Deku nuts, blinding them with a piercing flash as they exploded on the ground.

Not one to be again outperformed by Shehra, Shakti had a thin smile on her face, as if her ferocity in battle would soon be tested in a real way as she charged right behind the trail led by Shehra. Using both her scimitars, she took full the opportunity left by her sister as she slashed at the near-paralyzed creatures. Beating down numerous enemies due to quick successions of her weapons on their bodies, her technique proved to be too much for them to handle as she went on to smirk a little. Getting off Strider with a rather acrobatic gesture, she took the Biggoron's sword along with her as she readied it as fast as she could. Adrenalin pumping through her vein, she then took a wide stance as she placed the blade on her shoulder before giving Shehra a knowing look.

Looking behind her, Shehra knew what Shakti was going for as she both cursed her sister for her eagerness, yet praised her for her bold and courageous demeanor at the same time. Steering clear from what would soon be a rather gruesome sight, she prepared her hookshot just in case, with the possibility that this might fail and that her sister would need rescuing.

As ready as she could be, Shakti saw that they were closing in to her position as she went on to place both hands on the hilt of her sword as she swung it in a wide arc, then began to spin around with the weapon. Letting her momentum carry her, the weight of the weapon combined with her own strength allowed her to go in rapid circles, the blade of her sword already reaping away those close to her as she continued her mad attack, stepping incessantly so as to make quick progress. Numerous bones and piles of fur, along with trickles of dead flesh, went on to be thrown aside as the Gerudo warrior lost herself in a fighting trance, too transfixed on the ecstasy of victory to stop right now. Where there were many enemies, there was now very little resistance as the superb training she had received paid off, her father's lesson having served her well in this instance. Getting dizzy, Shakti then stopped as she began to fall on the ground. With her head feeling light, she saw that, in her own crazy way, she had won this battle as she sat down to regain her equilibrium and her breath.

With the battle done, Shehra silently returned to Shakti as she helped her rise. Continuing their search, they eventually sighted a candle burning in the window of the farmhouse which told the two girls that someone must be home. Before they looked into that, however, they figured they had to help the poor remaining animals back to the barn where they would recover a little easier. After they were finished herding every cows, horses, and cuccos, they made their way to the farmhouse and knocked on the front door.

Hello?! Is anybody home?” Shehra called out. “If you’re worried about the monsters, my sister and I killed them all. There is nothing to be afraid of, we mean you no harm.''

The door in front of them cracked open a bit as a very scared looking chubby man opened it holding a candle in his hand.Y-Yes?” He asked. “What….what do you want?”

Seeing the man was scared, Shehra and Shakti tried their best not to frighten him, as they decided to keep this brief. We came looking for directions to Kakariko Village,” Shakti explained. “We also wanted to introduce our steeds to a woman named Malon.”

The mention of Malon’s name caused a look of extreme sadness in the eyes, a look that turned to annoyance as he snapped out. “Kakariko Village is across the bridge northeast of this farm you can’t miss it. As for my daughter, Malon, you won’t find her here! Now go!”

Reaching to hold the door open, Shehra spoke. “Wait! If we can’t find her here, where can we find her?”

Looking up as his eyes got more and more saddened, the man sobbed out through angered eyes, “Just ask our king, the great Ganondorf, where Malon is! He keeps her in his castle!”

As a servant?” Shakti asked.

“As a slave!” The man roared out slamming the door in the shocked faces of Shehra and Shakti. 
Getting atop their mounts, Shakti looked to her sister sadly and confused.

Sister…” She began speaking nervously. “What….what did he mean ‘as a slave?’ I….I thought from what Namira told us that Ganondorf was a respectful leader and a good, caring individual….”

I…I don’t know sister.” Shehra replied. “Maybe…Maybe he’s just sad that his daughter isn’t around? Maybe she moved to Ganondorf’s castle of her own free will and hasn’t returned in a while causing her father to be a little hostile…”

“Perhaps so,” Shakti frowned, not entirely convinced by this possibility. Well in any case, we now know where Kakariko Village is. Let’s go there at once and try and see if we can find suitable boys there.”

Reminded of their mission, Shehra nodded hoping that the man they had just met was exaggerating. But as she looked ahead to the dismal look of Ganondorf’s palace up ahead, she suddenly got the strangest feeling that something was amiss there. Something a part of her seemed to fear and worry about. Almost as if her wisdom was being tested by raw power…..


In Ganondorf’s Castle, the king of evil entered into his throne room seemingly annoyed. He had ventured to his homeland only to find his people no longer stealing. Instead they were farming, gossiping, playing, lacking in the training that made them such a strong a prideful people. They seemed to know how to fight, but they seemed all too lenient for his taste. It made him sick. Sick that his native people would even think to engage in such acts, below their warrior and thieving spirits. While he was grateful that he did have an army capable of invading Termina, he wasn’t pleased with how it was obtained. The ancient ways made it so every Gerudo were on their guards, always ready to use their wits and their might to get what they wanted. This newfound way-of-life was not what he knew and it would simply have to go away.

Turning to his trophies; the burning tree that kept Saria prisoner, the statue of Darunia, the tiny tank where Ruto was cramped inside being tortured with stinging water, and the arena where Impa fought nonstop with little time to eat and rest, he sat on his throne snapping his fingers.

Slave! Bring me my wine,” He commanded, his voice deep and powerful, with his tone indicating that refusal would be an incredibly costly option, even for something as banal as fetching wine for him.

Yes, master,” The hypnotized voice of poor Malon spoke as she carried a tray with a bottle and a glass before her master.

Taking them, Ganondorf waved his hand which Malon knew to mean that he wanted her to bow before him. Getting on her hands and knees, she obediently prostrated before her lord as Ganondorf thought to himself. Plans for warfare and conquest were to be made as, unbeknownst to him, there was trouble brewing in his kingdom in the form of two young heroines with traits and techniques that he'd soon recognize...

We're keeping the story-train running, as here is the third chapter to this ongoing storyline as planned by :iconj4rre77: and I. This chapter was mostly written by ìconJ4RRE77:, with the action scenes and the general editing process done by yours truly.

This time, we're going away for a little while from the Gerudo Fortress and instead shall focus our attention on Shakti and Shehra, Link's children with Namira and Fiora, as they venture into Hyrule. Whatever kind of dangers they shall get themselves into?

This chapter, however, is pretty much when the real story begins as we'll get a little away from ecchi material, only to delve at it from time to time when the story permits it. Character and lore will pretty much occupy much of the writing here, just so you know.

Comments are, like always, more than welcome. :)
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ptwolv022 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017
Ah, and so the cracks in the girls image of the outside world are beginning to form. Also, poor Mario. His daughter 8-Bit Peach gone. Err... Talon and his daughter Malon
IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Living in an isolated area with only rumors about how the outside world operates usually leads to disappointment.
ptwolv022 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017
Well, I was going less for disappointment and more for... initial horror at the hell Hyrule has devolved to become since their father finished his journeying and started his servitude of the Gerudo.
But disappointment works too.
jdarksong Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2016
AH, the kids are coming into their own, I see. Nice. 

Still digging the story... though from your working, I am wondering how much of their parents' powers and abilities transferred to them. Of course, the TriForce itself wouldn't pass until Zelda and Link actually die.. but the echo of which should still be present in them, at least a little bit. Heck, if the so-called Hero of Trains can muster up the spirit of courage for his adventure without a true Master Sword and Triforce of Courage, I think these girls should be able to rise to the occasion as well, though not so sure about facing Gan-the-man himself. My point? You don't have to be the Hero of Time to be a hero... er, heroine.

Keep it comin' !!
IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
There are indeed some traits that were passed down and not just the hero's equipment. I do believe I've given some rather huge clues in this one as to what kind, though it's something that will be explained down the line as the story goes on. We still have a way to go before it's all over, though.
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