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It had been a while since his last true battle.

Training, simulacrums of dangerous scenarios and mock battles were all that he had done in a long while, as Link tightly gripped his Master Sword. Despite its lack of use, the weapon still felt entirely natural in his hand, its weight familiar in a way that felt innate, confirming once more that it was the chosen blade for the Hero of Time. In the heat of incoming battle, he eyed his opponent as the tall, floating witch looked at him with a confident smirk on her face, highlighted by a combination of blue and red flames coming from her hair. Not only was she his first actual opponent, but she seemed powerful, reeking of magic and of tricks that could very well spell his doom if he was careless.

''Such a pitiable fate, to have kept yourself hidden for so long, only to have to face me. You really have no luck,'' Twinrova cackled, her laughter filling the area as her army did just the same. ''Go fight the others and make sure they learn their lesson. Leave about half of them alive, and kill the rest. I'll deal with the Hero myself...''

Taking advantage of her small moment of distraction, Link quickly grabbed his bow and attacked her, launching an arrow toward her heart in an astoundingly quick fashion. As the projectile flew toward its target, it unfortunately burst into flame, turning to cinder about a meter away from her weak, uncovered spot.

''That is not very honorable, Hero. And here I thought you were one of the stupidly decent ones...Which really doesn't bother me, cutie,'' she taunted with a wink, before throwing an orb of ice-powered magic at his direction. ''If I was perhaps two hundred years younger and the circumstances were different, I would have not minded ravishing you for myself and showing you the ancients Gerudo ways of seduction~''

Bringing his shield up to block this dangerous blow, Link did so in extremis as a sharp rise in cold temperature began to creep up on his protective gear. Throwing the shield on the ground rapidly, he saw a block of ice covering it, rendering the object useless for the time being as looked at the witch with a troublesome expression. This would be a difficult battle all right, as he began to think of a possible way to deal any kind of blow to this arrogant enemy without putting himself or the others in unnecessary danger.

While he was occupied, though, the Gerudo themselves were busy with the incoming wave of enemies, with monstrous creatures coming their ways, snarling, grunting and shouting in barbaric fashion. Scimitars clashed against crude armor, against bones and rusty shield, spears pierced the fur and hide of beasts, while arrows flew toward a great many targets, showing the might of the Gerudo tribe in a grand fashion. However impressive they were, it was still a losing battle as the enemies came crashing upon them soon enough. With orders being thrown around, the chaos of war made itself known quickly to everyone involved as the war against Ganondorf had begun in earnest, starting in an unflattering and pessimistic manner for those who had first rebelled.

Namira, in the midst of battle, went on to fight against what she assumed was the lieutenant of that invading witch, an Iron Knuckle, or so she believed, that wielded an axe far too big for any normal person to bear. Its white armor basking in the light of torches, it advanced as its helmet hid away its face, making this opponent look fearsome in its inhumane approach as it swung the axe toward the Gerudo leader with ease. Dodging the blow barely, Namira couldn't begin to understand just how fast her opponent was despite the clunking and heavy-looking armor it bore, as she began charging toward it with both her scimitars firmly-grasped in her hands. Dodging yet another blow, she then jumped on top of her enemy, slashing away at what she believed were openings in the armor. Unfortunately for her, the enemy itself dropped its axe and, with disconcerting ease, caught the blades with its armored hands, shattering both weapons by using its monstrous strength. Now weaponless, Namira jumped out of the way, quite certain that she did not want to be in the grip of this strong enemy. Looking all-around her, this battle was not going her way in the slightest, as the enemy gained ground on them. Perhaps it was time to use their whole arsenal right here and then, or simply lose it all at the very start...

During all of this, Link went on to dodge many blows, the witch feather-duster looking wands unleashing cold and hot hell on his form as only his keen senses and nimble nature allowed him to stay unharmed so far. Taking his bow once more, he began to theorize something as he charged an arrow with fire magic, a skill he had learned whilst on his adventure years ago, then unleashed it on the tall woman. Blazing its way toward her stomach, it froze in the air as she used her ice magic to stop it dead in its track, then unleashed a hearty chuckle, her taunting nature still quite strong despite none of her attacks landing so far.

''I should have known that this would not be so easy, Hero. You did manage to defeat many enemies and claim many legendary weapons along the way. Your flame arrow was a valiant effort, but useless in the end. Now, however, I tire of this battle and I want to make sure this initiative of mine grant me the gratitude of my lord,'' she spoke, her arrogance rising to new heights as she then unleashed a flame orb, then an ice orb a few seconds afterward, planning for Link to be caught in at least one of them.

Rolling on the side to avoid the fiery orb, Link was caught in the ice one, however. Jumping backward to not get caught in the full blast, only his feet were frozen in place as his movements were halted immediately, making it impossible to dodge whatever next blow she'd throw at him. Readying another flame arrow to free himself, he was caught unaware as the witch had gotten much closer to his position as she then gave him a little smirk and a playful wink, before then raising her arms in the air in an overly familiar fashion.

''It's a pity that my lord demanded I brought you alive, as it would be so easy to finish you off right here, Hero. However, I have just the thing to make you completely harmless~'' Twinrova teased, her voice verging between spiteful and sensual, as she then began to sway her hips from side to side, automatically gluing Link's gaze upon them. ''It's time for me to have some fun with you~''

Recognizing it instantly, Link had no true way to resist the effect of the Gerudo dance of seduction. The skin of the witch crackling with power and her appearance resembling far too closely to those of Gerudo women, every second he saw her move her nimble form was a test into itself, as he tried to close his eyes, to no avail. All that conditioning, those suggestions, rendered him weak to a simple motion as the chuckle of the witch rang through his ears and within his mind.

''As I suspected... You disappearing for years upon years, only to return with the Gerudo as close allies, their numbers bolstered? It could only mean that they used such a wonderful trick on you. After all, love is the killer of duty and this technique does enhance feelings of attraction to an insane degree,'' she proclaimed, her belly starting to roll as swirls of blue and red began to appear in her navel, enhancing the effect of the dance greatly. ''As the creator of this wonderful technique, hundreds of years ago, I feel it is my duty to really show you how much you can actually be affected by this dance. You'll probably thank me and worship me for defeating you once I'm done~''

Trying his hardest to resist, flashes of the numerous times Namira danced for him as well as many moments of joy began to invade his mind, with the witch starting to implement other visions within his head. Thoughts of her actually being attractive and of submission starting to get appealing, Link was beginning to lose it as he muttered something, hoping that he'd be strong enough to keep his sanity and his mind intact...

On the other side of the battle, however, things were not looking much better. Even with the use of bombchus in line and with multiple potions being handed out in the middle of the conflict, the line that the Gerudo were trying to hold was shaky at best, as the element of surprise the enemy had created was lost, yet the effort to hold the Gerudo ranks back together were below what was truly needed, as many were wounded, some critically so. Explosions were heard, overwhelming the screams and the howls that permeated the battlefield as the resources the Gerudo had brought with them were dwindling fast. If they were to survive this one, they might not be able to be so lucky in the next one, if fate made it so there would even be another in the first place.

Namira, though, threw bombs and daggers at the armored enemy, which barely slowed it down. Its own resistance to blows and its relentless nature made it seem like a force of nature rather than an actual being. Even when falling down due to blasts, it rose back up, its armor a little dented and dirty, but still holding on no matter what. Swinging its axe, it destroyed tents, ruptured rocks that served as cover for Namira and its rapidity made it an impossibility for the Gerudo leader to retreat and help her sisters out, as the enemy was unavoidable in its ferocity and dedication to its task. Beginning to tire out, Namira knew that it was only a matter of time before she'd get dealt a blow, fatal or not, and fall down at the mercy of this juggernaut. Trying one last trick, an ice arrow from the treasury within the fortress, the arrow was merely swatted aside due to the enemy's fast reflexes, proving that this weapon, however fearsome, was no match for this supreme warrior. Even though she should feel happy to be felled by such a strong warrior, Namira could not help but feel regret at the thought of losing it all so quickly, as her breath grew heavier and her ideas grew more and more desperate by the second.

As she began to get exhausted, the sight of a very large and heavy-looking sword went on to fill her sight for a second before then landing on her opponent, sending it down with a huge clanking sound. Astonished that such a blow not only landed, but also seemed to be effective, Namira saw her daughter, Shakti, filled with confidence as she looked strong, determined and like a true Gerudo warrior despite the many wounds covering her body. ''Go and help father. He needs you!'' she shouted, before screaming in rage as she went on to take the initiative against the armored warrior, landing hits upon hits on its large frame as it was still on the ground. Letting Shakti deal with the enemy, Namira could see that her daughter had brought reinforcements as older men, young women and many half-able Hylians were charging, rage and desperation in their heart as they joined the Gerudo warriors in their resistance, bringing all their pain on the battlefield in hope to gain revenge for their misery. Picking up scimitars left on the ground due to a fallen sister, Namira could only think about trying to achieve victory, if only to be able to allow their fallen sisters to be at peace afterward.

Running as fast as she could toward the blue and red flames of the witch that commanded this assault, Namira then saw that Link was being mesmerized by a very familiar technique as she herself began to get fascinated, even from afar, by this powerful dance. Slapping herself in the face to concentrate, Namira then aimed an ice arrow at the witch that dared to try and steal Link, as she unleashed one arrow after another, trying to take full advantage of the element of surprise. Running toward Link as soon as she launched her last arrow, she then went on to scream. ''Get away from him, you witch!''

Caught in her little world of seduction and corruption, Twinrova barely had time to react against all those arrows as she stopped her dance dead in its track, burning a few arrows and then floating away to avoid the others. Annoyed about this pesky little disturbance, she saw the numerous spots on the ground frozen due to these magic arrows, as she felt a little relief that the Gerudo warrior was dumb enough to shout, announcing her presence and intentions.

Cursing herself for this stupid move of hers, Namira nonetheless went on to get closer to Link, trying to make him snap out of it. Seeing faint glows of red and blue within his eyes, yet also an uncomfortable look on his face, he had not yet fallen to the dance of this temptress, yet he was well on his ways. Acting impulsively, she slapped his face, then went on to give him a little kiss, provoking a sharp reaction in order to wake him up from the growing trance he had been in. ''Snap out of it, beloved. We need you.''

The pain he felt on his cheek, combined with the familiar taste of Namira, sufficed to groggily bring him back to reality as Link felt a little hazy. Looking around in stupefaction, he then quickly unleashed a flame arrow on the ground, freeing himself as he grabbed Namira, then threw himself along with her on the side, avoiding a blow from the witch that had tried to enthrall his mind a few minutes ago. Rising up and helping Namira do so, his senses returned quickly as he saw the frozen spots on the ground, realizing just how this had happened. ''You used the ice arrows, didn't you?''

Surprised about the quick reflexes of the Hero of Time, Namira got her head back in the game as she nodded. ''Yes, although it didn't do much good. She burned some and dodged the others, no matter how fast I was.''

''I have an idea,'' Link began, whispering it as he kept on moving to keep on being unharmed by Twinrova's attacks. ''She launched two attacks to distract me before you came to my rescue and I believe this could work against her. We'll launch simultaneous attacks and pin her down with both fire and ice, using her own tricks against herself.''

Nodding in agreement, Namira went on to split up and ran in another direction as Link went on to prepare a fire arrow, aiming it at the witch. This merely resulted in Twinrova cackling, trying to hit both Namira and Link by throwing as many bolts at them as possible. ''You just got lucky, hero. You'll soon be in the embrace of my dance, joined by this warrior in sweet submission.''

As she told so, Namira and Link exchanged a single glance before they then attacked her as fast as they could, launching multiple arrows, draining every ounce of magic they possessed as well as the few remaining arrows in their possession. Dodging a few and eradicating more, it proved to be overwhelming for Twinrova as she got hit in the back and in her chest, making her cry in pain as her arrogant nature made way for indignation and stupefaction. Looking at both Namira and Link, she then flew higher as her face turned into an expression of pain. ''Retreat! Let's leave this place at once, minions!'' she shouted, with her being the first to acknowledge her command.

With the monsters obeying her command, their retreat made way for multiple opportunities as some fell to arrows and bombchus that were rightly launched in their direction, resulting in a bitter, yet decisive victory for the Gerudo and the residents of Kakariko village. With everyone gathering around the destroyed tents, many tended to the wounded as an eerie silence went on to make way for the fury of battle. It was, however, soon to be followed by the sound of metal clanging on the ground loudly, as Shakti screamed in furious victory. With everyone gathering around her and the fallen foe, she then went on to remove the helmet adorning the mighty adversary that had given her so much trouble...

Only to reveal the face of Nabooru, the leader of the Gerudo tribe prior to Namira, unconscious.

This time, there is action, hypnosis, bombastic moments and dramatic turns, as the war against Ganondorf starts in earnest, yet not in the most positive manner for the Gerudo tribe. The real conflict starts now, as :iconj4rre77: and I are about to unleash hell and try to push forth the story in new directions. I hope those of you who followed this stuff shall be pleased. :)

Comments, as always, are more than welcome.
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jdarksong Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2016
Continuing to love the story! Was wondering how they were going to stop the Iron Knuckle, and if her identity was going to be revealed. Nice touch, having Shakti do the deed while Link and Namira took care of Twinova. Was also wondering how THAT was going to work since he never went to the temple and got the magic reflecting shield. By the by, I wonder will Link recognize her from his youth despite not having been to the temple? Or will she recognize him from having met him as a child? Time paradoxes always confuse me... if Link (the adult) never went to the temple, as a child, then who helped Nabooru get into the temple in the first place to get captured and brainwashed by the witches and turned into an Iron Knuckle? So, would that mean that traveling back and forth through the temple of time, Link DOES eventually, as a child, go to the temple and meet Nabooru and help her, before getting stuck and unable to proceed, then go back to being an adult?  And if so, would he know about it before this point, or after it?


Yeah, I know... I use time travel and alternate timelines in several of my stories on, so I deal with this headache myself a lot. Just interested in seeing how this all works out. However it goes, yes, very much enjoying the ride! Keep it coming!
IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
To answer your question about all that time-travelling shenanigans, I recall that Link, while young, goes inside the temple while Nabooru waits for him and, when he gets back, she gets kidnapped by Koume and Kotake. Considering the fact that Link travels back in time, yet always with his consciousness on a straight timeline (as in, his own perception is always straightforward, even when returning to his child form), then he never did meet Nabooru if he never got out of the Gerudo Fortress to begin with. Thus, Nabooru would be someone entirely new for him at this precise point in this alternate timeline. I hope this helps a little. :)

Also, some more chapters should be out this week if I finally manage to take some time to edit the 9th one and write the 10th as well. Expect more Twinrova and further twists!
jdarksong Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016
Can't wait to see chapters 9 and 10... its like getting up on Christmas morning when I check online and find a new chapter!

About your timeline theory, however, I would say it works in theory, if and only if, at the end of your story, Link never finishes his quest and goes to the desert temple as a child at all, either by dying at the end of this, or by defeating Ganon beforehand and thus never needing to complete the temples and free all the sages. The WHEN wouldn't matter. if he went and met Nabooru now, or went after this was all over and done with later by using the temple of Time. Cause and effect wouldn't dictate the time difference. Remember the windmill and the Song of Storms? He first learned it from a man who was pissed about young Link using the song to wreck the windmill years ago... which he did AFTER learning the song he apparently taught it to before ever knowing it. So, basically. if Link EVER goes to the Desert Temple at all in child form, now or later, Nabooru would still know him, whether has has been there yet in this timeline. 

Just saying... *grin*

IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Oh boy...Time travel and its shenanigans. It can mess up pretty much anything, even if used sparely. Oh well, I'm sure you'll find the story likable even with all of these paradoxes and the potentially bizarre turns that it all imply. XD
Whyita Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I love this story but...idk, Link should have gotten hypnotized by Twinrova again. It would be like a full circle XD that dance started all this and in the end it was the downfall of the Gerudo, teaching Namira a lesson in the process. Her horniness destroyed the world and her tribe. ...sorry I'm a little salty about Link's patheticness and Namira's ignorance...but now that Namira saved me he now seems even more pathetic...
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J4RRE77 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Part 9 will be up just as soon as IncredibleIntruder comes back to proofread and edit it.
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