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This was a troublesome view.

Seeing, to her shock, her once best friend and leader now unconscious and in the service of Ganondorf, Namira then began to understand just why she had been away for all these years. Her first reaction was relief, her friend being actually alive, yet this reaction was not widespread in the camp, as her daughter rose her sword in the air, ready to finish her off.

“You will not harm anyone else ever again, traitor,” Shakti said, barely restraining her anger as she prepared to finish her opponent in a swift, efficient, yet decidedly messy strike.

“No!” Namira shouted, running over to her daughter and tackling her to the ground, trying to restrain her. “No Namira! This isn’t an enemy! She’s our former leader, Nabooru!”

Struggling against her mother, thoughts of revenge towards the one that dared attack her, Shakti suddenly stopped, hearing the name her mother spoke. Nabooru? The greatest thief in all of Gerudo Valley? The noble one who taught her tribe that being thieves didn’t mean being evil? This Nabooru? Lost in these thoughts, she was then joined by Link as he knelt next to the fallen warrior that laid unconscious. She decidedly possessed the Gerudo traits that he learned to recognize instantly over the years, yet he couldn't say that he had ever seen her in his lifetime as he inspected her, this woman being apparently a great deal to the leader of the tribe. His thoughts, though, were interrupted by him finally realizing just who had felled this fearsome foe, his own daughter, Shakti. Delighted his daughter had returned, Link turned to greet his beloved young prodigy, only to pause and frown when he noticed she was alone. “Shakti,” he began, “where is your sister?” Looking around and frowning all the more, he added, “furthermore, where is your stepmother.? She said she'd try to give you an important message and she hasn't come back yet.”

Looking up at her father, Namira’s eyes began to well with tears, only for her to try to hold them back. She knelt on the ground, as if she had committed a great sin, only to look in her father's eye, her own gaze far more eloquent than any words to express her regret.

“Shakti,” Link said calmly, kneeling down to try and comfort her. “Shakti, whatever is the matter? What happened?”

Looking up at her beloved father, Shakti wept out, “Fiora got to us and delivered your message, so Shehra went ahead to Death Mountain to talk to the Gorons.”

“Did something happen to either of them?” Link inquired, trying to calm her daughter, remembering that for all that warrior training, she was still young and still not all that acclimated to war and its cost.

Sobbing a little, she regained her normal behaviour rapidly as she tried to explain the situation quickly. “Fiora was overwhelmed and captured by an enemy. She fought... valiantly...”

“What?” Namira gasped, joining the conversation at that precise moment, kneeling on Link's side as she looked straight in her daughter's eyes.

Nodding shamefully, Shakti went on to explain, “She was ambushed while delivering this message to us, and one of them managed to take her by surprise and inject a venom into her body that seems to steal its victims mind. She might have become enslaved to those monsters...''

Clenching his fist, Link cursed himself for not being there. Namira understood his anger, but then furrowed her eyes in confusion as Link rose, looking at the remains of Hyrule Castle Town with a fury in his eyes. “Damn that cursed Ganondorf,” he swore. “Not only did he try to order your mothers to kill me, but now he’s taken a member of the tribe, one that should not have been on the battlefield to begin with...''

Sending a wave of confusion as to why Link said so. Trying to assuage the others, Shakti spoke up, placing a hand on her father's shoulder. ''You do not give enough credit to Shehra, father. She is much stronger that you believe.''

''I have no doubt about Shehra's skill and, while I do certainly worry about her being alone in the mountains, she's not the one I am talking about,'' he explained, looking at Shakti, then at Namira. '' Before her mission, Fiora came to see me and announced that she knew for a fact that she was pregnant again. Before I could stop her, she went on her own, fast as lightning, to complete her mission. If they harm her or the baby she carries, I swear on the blade of the Master Sword that Ganondorf and his entire army will pay, even if I am to be alone against thousands in order to do so.''

The others stood in shock at this. Firora was pregnant, and the enemy had her? This was horrible.
In all this stupefaction, Shakti broke the silence as something occurred to her, “Um, mom? Dad? There’s something that one of the rebels in the village, an old man, told me about that might be important for you to know.''

Looking at their daughter wondering what she had to say, Link and Namira listened intently as Shakti turned to her mother. “Mother,” she began. “You said before you turned Fiora into a Gerudo, that she was a pale-skinned woman with blue eyes and golden hair, right?”

“Yes.” Namira nodded. “It is something that I did with the last reserves of the conversion oil that we had, it's true. What of it?''

Pausing a moment to think on how amazing the words about to come out of her lips were, Shakti continued. ''From what he has told me, I have reason to believe that the woman you changed into Fiora was perhaps a very important person. Looking at Shehra, his direct daughter, the old man believed that her mother was possibly Zelda, albeit it was merely a suspicion and a theory of his. Could there be weight to what he said?''

Struck silent by this, Namira knew not whether or not she knew for a fact that Fiora wasn't the princess in disguise, converted to the form of a Gerudo. It seemed ridiculous, unbelievable even, but yet...

* * *

Shehra felt conflicted.

Even with all the magnificence of this dread-named mountain baring itself to her senses, she could not help but fear for her mother's safety. The image of her valiantly fighting, only to be taken down due to sheer numbers haunted her thoughts as every step toward higher in the rocky trails made her heart ache even more. While it was said that to perish while fighting for your ideals was the pinnacle of valor for a warrior, pride was not what she felt in the slightest as she carefully made sure not to get spotted by beasts and random creatures that she knew not whether they had any affinity to Ganondorf or not. Her mother's training bearing fruit, she stealthily went from one hiding spot to another, always ready to unleash her skills or her magic in order to defend herself in case of any attack. Aware of how important her mission was, she just had to stay focused, to not let her feelings distract her from the task at hand as an alliance with the Gorons could change the tide in their favor.

Going along the path, she saw wonders that she thought were impossible, as plants that bloomed explosive flowers, high-jumping spiders and tiny dragon-like creatures were observed by her curious eyes as she tried to piece everything together, to learn the secrets of this place in order to perhaps understand the Gorons better. While she had a general idea of who they were and what they looked like, it wasn't enough to just meet them with trivialities and rumors as she'd need to convince them to fight. The state of the Kakariko Village was sure to be a good enough point in her favor, yet too few cultures truly went to war on another's behalf, lest they be allies or they'd have something to gain. Righteousness, as appealing as it was, would not be enough to risk their lives for as she tried to gather ideas and thoughts as to how to bring up the subject.

Lost in these thoughts, a mistake that could cost her greatly in such a dangerous environment, she was then brought back to reality as she heard a strange scream, one of a deep, yet also childish voice as a brown, scaled ball rolled down a hill, pursued by those dragon-like creatures. Sensing that it was perhaps smarter to just hide and wait for them to pass, Shehra instead went with her instinct as she picked up her bow, hitting one of the creatures with it, to no avail. Seeing that they were impervious to this kind of penetration, she also witnessed that one of them charged toward her position, actually feeling her offensive action despite it dealing no damage whatsoever. Trying to figure something out, she then went on to think about what she carried along with her, only to realize that she had no time to truly stop for a plan. She had to think of something on the spot, as she grabbed one of the nearby explosive plants. The weight of the round bloom being rather heavy, but sensing that the inside was half-hollow with a quick inspection, a burst of inspiration went through her head as she then planted an arrow through the bloom, only to then fire one more shot at the charging creature while it opened its mouth, roaring with wild abandon. Connecting the suddenly-created explosive arrow with the open mouth of the creature, it only caused for the creature's stomach to inflate for a few seconds, then for smoke to erupt from its nose, mouth and ears as it fell down, defeated utterly by a wanton idea. Sighing in relief as this sudden plan of hers worked, Shehra then planted more arrows in those plants as she shot as quickly as she could her projectiles toward those creatures, hoping that it would do the trick. Explosions being heard everywhere, she knew that this would surely give away her position, yet she simply could not let this small rolling creature get eaten by so many beastly things.

Vanquishing the few beasts that were left, she then quickly made her way toward the rolling creature, stopped in its track due to the explosions nearby, as she then placed a single hand on its back, to announce her presence. ''Quick, come along with me! We need to hide someplace safe before more company comes to investigate those explosions!''

The creature, standing up on its two legs, went on to look with awe and curiosity toward Shehra as it went on to observe that its pursuers were all defeated, their hide destroyed as they stood lifeless on the ground. Walking toward its savior, it followed along as quickly as it could, finding a safe spot as it seemed grateful, yet also a bit terrified at the prospect of finding itself in the same predicament again.

Managing to hide in what she assumed was a safe location, Shehra then sighed and sat down, motioning for the strange being to do the same. ''Hi, my name is Shehra. I come from Gerudo Valley and I'm looking for Goron City. Do you know where it is?''

Surprised at how fast she seemed to get to the point, the creature went on to look at her with a timid smile, before sitting down as well. ''I...I'm from Goron City...Because I'm a Goron...Even though there aren't many that stayed in our home after what happened...''

''Could you tell me just what exactly happened and show me the way? It's really important that I meet every single Gorons that are still in the mountain,'' Shehra asked, taking a moment to eat a ration of dried figs as she handed some over to the Goron, which he refused.

''I don't eat that. We eat rocks and other kind of minerals...In any case, I suppose I could let you meet the others, considering you've saved my life,'' the Goron went on to reply, a little timid, yet good-hearted as far as Shehra could see.

''Thank you. Now, what exactly is the name of my guide, pray tell?''

''Oh...Right...Sorry about that,'' The Goron said, a little ashamed about his lack of manners. ''I was named after a great hero and friend to the Gorons. Call me Link...''

* * *

In another camp, far from Kakariko village, poor Fiora was being inspected by a Poe as she slept within her cocoon of Skulltula webbing. Looking at their recent capture, the Poe went to the bundle of silk that contained their fresh new prisoner. Using its magic, it suddenly let out a gasp at what it picked up. Inspecting it further, the ghost-like being then saw a shimmering light on the woman's hand, showing a symbol that he recognized quite easily.

“What is it?” a Stafos asked, inspecting other prisoners close to the Poe as he got distracted by the light as well. Curious, he got closer as his interest was piqued. ''What's that light?''

Shaking the Poe replied, “This girl has either the power of the Triforce...or something really close to it! It's one of the three things that master Ganondorf has sought for many years!” Turning to the others, he declared, “we must take her to master Ganondorf’s castle right away!”

“Only I can control her right now,” the Skulltula that originally bit her spoke, woken by the trepidation of the Poe nearby. “Don’t worry, I can tell walk her to the castle.” Turning to her extremely valuable prize, the Skulltula whispered in Fiora’s ear, “Wake up slave. Wake and obey your Mistress…”

Fiora’s eyes opened obediently. She was exhausted, but still unable to disobey her new mistress. The Skulltula knew the weakening effects of her poison, yet also realized quickly that her prize had to get her strength back before beginning a long hike to Ganondorf's castle. That, and there was still a spark of resistance, however feeble, within this new acquisition's eyes. More time would be required with her, more venom too, perhaps as the Skulltula pushed Fiora in her cocoon once more, sealing her up to let her regain what little strength she had lost so far.

Unbeknowst to the Skulltula, however, was that a certain person had seen the whole scene, starting from the light erupting from the captive's hand. Knowing exactly what it was, there was only one thing left to do as she approached the cocoon, then snatched it away with the still groggy and somewhat sleeping Fiora inside.

Twinrova had plans for this one...

In this one, mostly written by :iconj4rre77:: with multiple edits and some additions by yours truly, we get the plates spinning for many subplots and the main storyline. Not many insane developments and big twists and turns, but certainly a lot of setup as we get going with the war, its effects and how some players might get some surprises, nasty or otherwise, along the way.

Comments, like always, are most welcome.
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It is fun to see the reactions of these Gerudo when they learn these truths =P
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Gotta connect things together somehow...Albeit this is merely the beginning of some more development. ;)
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Actually, since I just forgot to write her in the very beginning of this storyline, I just went on to tell the story without her. XD

Truth be told, though, I didn't think that she'd had quite so much to the story, so I'm kind of glad that I forgot about her.
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Idk, she must have been there since Link first got caught and hypnotized and with her "Hey! Listen!" every ten seconds there is no way she'd let Link stop his quest XD She could have been taken when Link was KOed but...she'd be dead now if she was just forgotten about =P
IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Let's just say she was taken when Link was KO'ed, then she was brainwashed and is just wandering around in the Lost Woods or something. XD
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Hehe that'll work :) kinda feel bad for her though...
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Still... either of them would be better than having Fi's annoying presence...
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