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Chapter 1: The capture

Link had done it. He just saved every man the Gerudo captured without being seen by any of the guards. It proved most difficult, considering that the perimeters were heavily watched by an impressive number of guards which were heavily disciplined, never setting of their patrol route. The only problem he encountered during his rescue of those men was that guard with the scimitars which always appeared for some reason right after he spoke to one of the captive of the fortress. That girl proved a tough opponent, but always ran away leaving the key after each defeat. She was good, but not as good as Link with a bladed weapon. Even though he had finished and should have gotten away as fast as he could after finishing his rescue of those workers, he could not stop thinking about why those workers wanted so badly to go to the Gerudo, considering they were known to be reclusive as a race and would certainly not tolerate any trespassers on their ground. They were beautiful, for sure, but they were deadly.

While Link was lost in his thoughts, Namira, the Gerudo that was ranked as the leader in charge while Nabooru was away watched silently that man, hidden in a dark corner behind several crates. To think that this man would be able to pass unseen in her fortress and defeat her in single combat was a thought she would have laughed about before, but after seeing this man in action, she was heavily impressed. This man was mostly worthy to be called one of the Gerudo honorary members, but seeing as he was attacking and stealing Gerudo property, he had to be captured and brought down. Seeing as he was vulnerable while lost in his mind, she ran toward him while whistling loudly, which was a signal that she needed a large number of backups.

Link, while seeing the same woman he fought a good number of times running toward him, got his sword out, ready to duke it out one more time. She approached, but Link was ready for her. Swords clashed in a fierce duel. Even though she had two well made scimitars, Link was well trained by his childhood of exploring dungeons and defeating monsters many times his size, he could take her down most easily. However, he heard many footsteps coming from the alleys and doors close to him, signalling that many guards were coming. Not long after he heard the footsteps, Link was in a truly bad position, at least a dozen Gerudo guards, each equipped with a spear were upon him. Even though he was a great swordsman, he knew he could not take them all. He did not even have the time for thinking, as soon as he saw he was overwhelmed, Namira hit him on the back of the head, putting him unconscious.

After seeing he was neutralized, Namira ordered that he was to be rid of all his equipment and chained down in a dungeon room. She had to think about what would happen to this Hylian troublemaker.

Chapter 2: The decision

Link woke up in a dark room, chained up on the wall. The room only had one torch as a source of light, which made him able to see the vast emptiness of his cell. He had chains on both his wrist and ankles and one on his waist, which made his movements very restricted. He thought that he could perhaps use a piece of his equipment to save himself from that situation, but soon realized that the only thing he had left were his clothes. Link knew now that he was in danger and hoped for somebody to save him.

Meanwhile, Namira, in her room, was thinking about what to do about this Hylian man. Walking unseen in a grand fortress and defeating her in combat were no small feats. This man could have much to offer, considering his prowess, the equipment they just go from him and even his look. She was ashamed to admit it to herself, but he was a cutie. A strong ,cunning and beautiful warrior. The kind of mate that would make very strong and intelligent children. A man who could train every guards in this fortress, rising the strength and reputation of the Gerudo people tenfold. But she knew just by looking at him that he was disgusted by thieves and would not relent for her. If he was as strong-willed as she thought he was, he would never accept the offer of being one the Gerudo mate, somebody who could make sure that every Gerudo who wanted release or get children without leaving the fortress could get it with his help. Thinking about it for a long time, she realized she knew a way to make sure he would accept willingly her offer: the Gerudo seduction dance. It was a dance that was passed down from generation to generation, but got lost to the tribe when Nabooru forbid it, considering it to be dishonourable. It was a dance that could seduce any man and remove his will, making him a complete slave to the dancer. It was used before on ancient prisoners so that some Gerudo could get impregnated without having to leave the tribe or the fortress. Seeing how this Hylian seemed like a perfect mating candidate. She had to use it on him. It was too much of an opportunity not to use it. It made at least 7 years since Nabooru was last seen. She was the leader now. Her decision was made; she would enslave the Hylian to make sure her plan would work in the long run. She knew however that if he was strong-willed, she would have to do it many times and remove small parts of his resistance during each session.

Chapter 3: The dance of seduction

Link continued his inspection of his cell, thinking hard about what he could do to escape his predicament. However, after a while, he heard several footsteps coming toward his cell. There were two Gerudo women, coming with a rug and some more torches. There also was the woman he fought many time, who was dressed a bit differently this time around, she still had her red harem pants, but she wore a red bra that was a bit smaller this time, making her cleavage much more visible. She wore no face veil this time, but wore one over her belly, hiding her stomach and navel.

Namira made sure to do everything in order to look alluring, so that when she begins, this Hylian would not be able to look away from her beauty. She asked her two servants to put more torches on, making sure that he could see her well. The servant also placed a rug on the floor, a beautiful a big rug that would cover much of the floor, so that Namira would have enough place to do the Gerudo seduction dance. Namire then placed herself on the rug, making sure she faced the Hylian.

-Greeting young Hylian. My name is Namira.

Link did not answer back, suspicious of what exactly was happening.

-It takes great courage to raid a fortress of warrior women to rescue civilians. I am very impressed with your talent and courage; therefore I want to reward you with a dance my tribe do only for those deemed worthy. I hope you will enjoy it.

Right after saying her line to the Hylian, she removed he veil covering her stomach, preparing herself for the Gerudo dance of seduction.

Link did not know how stunned he would turn out to be when she removed her veil. Her belly had some strange lining drawn on them and she wore a red belly jewel that seemed to sparkle madly with the light caused by the torches.

Seeing his reaction to her beautiful, muscular and well-toned stomach, she decided to act upon it to start her dance, swaying her hips back and forth in a slow manner, making sure he could follow the movements she made. She moved her hips in a wide arc, showing how flexible she was to the young Hylian man.

Link looked at her with a growing interest, seeing how well she danced. Her slow movements, accentuated with the lines on her belly and the sparkling of her belly jewel mesmerized him, his head swaying in rhythm with her belly, his eyes glued to the spectacle he was seeing.

Namira continued the dance, which seemed to have the desired effect on the young one. Not one to pass an opportunity, she began to go slightly faster, adding some belly rolling like she was supposed to.

Link could not take his eyes off her. He found her simply stunning, a true piece of art. He had a little trouble keeping on the swaying rhythm, but kept on trying, not wanting to miss one single moment of that wonderful dance.

Namira knew now that she could implement some new thought into his mind now simply by speaking to him in a commanding, but sweet and loving tone.

-You love this dance, don't you?

Link simply nodded and continued to watch her.

-You love the way I move my body. The way my belly bends and undulates for you. Tell me your name young man.


She knew now that he was in the trance effect the Gerudo seduction dance did on men. She had him, but she knew that she had to take her time with him, so that he would not just be a slave, but a willing one.

-Do you know why you love this dance so much, Link?


-It is simply because you have a belly fetish. You love seeing beautiful bellies and navel. Well-toned, flat and beautiful bellies.

Link found it to be true. Her belly was the part he preferred about her. Thinking about it, every time he saw a Gerudo, be it Namira or a guard, he always took a good look at their navel.

-From now on, Link, every time I shall say "are you ready, young Hylian", you will look directly at my belly until I command you otherwise. Did you understand that?


After implanting this command, Namira slowly stopped her dancing. However, before she was completely finished, she had one last thing to say to the young entranced Hylian.

-You will not remember anything I said to you. When contemplating about your belly fetish, you will realize you always had it. You will also not remember directly the trigger sentence, but still act upon it the way I ordered you to. The only thing you shall remember about our encounter is my wonderful dance and how much you loved it.

After finishing her sentence, Namira stopped her dance and snapped her fingers, waking Link from his trance.

-Did you like my dancing, young one?

-I loved it.

-I thank you humbly. My servants will now serve you a meal and let you drink some water, so that you still have some energy. I shall see you tomorrow to talk with you.

With that said, she bowed before him, and then left the cell, leaving her two servants to tend to his need for food and also leaving the rug there. After regaining her quarters, she smiled. She had planted the seed for her plan.

Chapter 4: The return of Namira

Link had much food for thoughts after the departure of Namira, thinking how much he liked her dance, but also thinking how much he lover seeing her belly. The Gerudo may be a thieving race, but they were smashingly beautiful. They all showed their midriff, which kinda excited him. He then tried to sleep, thinking about the beautiful Namira and her wonderful dance.

The very next day, Namira descended into the dungeons, wearing the same outfit she had when she danced for Link. Seeing him helpless toward her aroused her. It was a sign that she knew how pretty she was. After arriving in the cell, she took the same place on the rug: right in front of Link.

Link saw Namira arriving and could not help but be overwhelmed by her beauty. Remembering her dance and the way her belly moved, how her deep and round navel was amazing. He still wondered though why she was here, hoping she would dance for him once more.

Namira saw the interest in Link eyes and could not help being proud of it. How the Gerudo seduction dance could work wonderfully. She however had to move on to the next phase of her plan.

-Greeting again, Hylian. The more I think about your accomplishments, the more I think you deserve to see that dance again. It would even make me proud to dance for one such as you.

Link was overjoyed; he would see that dance again!

-Now, are you ready young Hylian?

As if by magic, Link stared directly unto the object of his desire: the belly of Namira. He could not take his eyes of her stomach.

Namira saw that the trigger worked perfectly and tested it, moving around the room and seeing that wherever she was, Link stared at her belly. She then put herself in position for her dance and begun. This time, she danced at normal speed, knowing that Link would still keep up with her swaying.

-You do love this dance and my wonderful belly. You wish you could kiss it and lick it. You do wish you could touch whenever it pleases you?


She remarked that he no longer hesitated to answer her. Perhaps he wasn't as strong-willed as she thought he was. Nonetheless, she would still take her time with him, as she took great pleasure enslaving him.

-Do you know why you have this urge to touch my stomach, young one?

-No, I do not.

-I shall tell you. One would think it as simple lust, but you and I know better.

-What do you mean?

-A noble Hylian such as you. You are a pure one. You wish to touch me because you have fallen deeply and hopelessly in love with me.

Realising she told the truth, Link blushed, but kept his eyes on the dance nonetheless.

-Even though I find you attractive, I cannot be with you.

-Why not?

-I cannot and do not wish to leave my tribe, for I am their leader. The only man I could ever love would have to serve my tribe with me. Devoted to me as well as the Gerudo tribe.

The new shocked Link to his core. His opinion of the Gerudo tribe was poisoning his only chance to be with the delightful Namira. Perhaps he misjudged the Gerudo, if Namira was their leader; they had to be a good people. A wonderful and beautiful person like Namira could not lead her tribe toward misery and hate, but toward a great future.

Seeing the effect her words had on Link, Namira smiled. Her plan was close to be fulfilled, but she still wished to take her time. She had to still make sure her dance was most pleasing to Link. She then swayed hers hips on a strict rhythm, then arched her back, making sure Link could see her belly bended like that. While her back was arched, she did rippling waves with her belly.

Link found the attractive dance most fascinating. Deepening his trance even further. It was easy to see in his eyes that he was completely entranced by the lovely Namira.

-You will now only think of Gerudo females in your deepest and wildest sexual fantasies. Do you know why?

-Why, lovely Namira?

-Because the Gerudo women are the most beautiful women in the world, that is why.

Link could see the truth in her statement. The Gerudo did give birth to the ever mesmerizing Namira. The more he thought about it, the rest of the Gerudo women were also exceedingly beautiful. They were all well trained, slim. They had wonderful clothes and most of all; their bellies were beautiful and always showing.

-Say it with me now: Namira is my one true love.

-Namira is my one true love.

-I would do anything for her.

-I would do anything for her.

-Repeat yourself those words mentally while watching me dancing now.

Link repeated the same two sentences like a mantra while watching her dance and undulates.
Namira then begun to slow her dancing a bit, but still had more thing to say that would influence him.

-Now, you will not remember anything that I have said during my dance, but you will still remember them though as if they were your own thoughts. Tonight, you will sleep rather well and will dream of my dance danced by me and other Gerudo women, which will strengthen the love you fell for me.

-Yes Namira.

Straight after his answer, Namira snapped her finger and stopped her dance, which awakened Link from his deep trance. Even after awakening, he still looked at Namira belly, not having been commanded so by Namira.

-I know you loved this dance much more, as I a little more effort into it, but could you stop looking at my stomach, young one?

Link then stopped looking at her belly and looked at her from every angle he could. He saw how beautiful she truly was. How her body was perfection incarnated, how much he would give for a chance to be with her.

Admiring the effect her commands had on his mind, Namira returned a seductive smile to Link that would haunt every bit of his thoughts for the night. She was proud of what she did tonight, as she was really close to her endgame with the young Hylian.

Chapter 5: Almost done

Link had the most wonderful night of his whole existence, thinking about how much the Gerudo were truly and incredibly seductive, though none as much as his dear Namira, who he wished would come to dance for him once more.

Namira prepared herself again, putting the belly jewel in place and tracing down the lines that made the Gerudo seduction dance that powerful. Tonight, she would completely dominate the mind of Link and prove to herself that her plan was working. She then asked two of her servants to come with her, as she needed them for the third phase.
Link could not believe it when he heard several footsteps approach his cell, could it be his one true love, Namira?

As soon as she entered the cell, Namira knew by the look in Link eyes that he was a changed man. He no longer was the fierce intruder who liberated all the workers, but rather his soon-to-be willing slave. She then put herself in to position on the rug.

-Greeting again, young and noble Hylian.

-Greeting, most wonderful Namira.

She knew she had him now; his answers were definitely different in tone. He sounded more like someone madly in love with her, which was a sign the plan worked.

-I have a proposition to make.

-Which is?

-I shall unchain you this moment, only if you promise not to flee your cell. As an added bonus, if you promise not to flee, I will dance for you once more to reward you.

It was a gamble, if he wasn't deeply affected enough; he would run away this very moment. However, if he did not run off at the promise of another session of her belly dancing for his own pleasure, she knew that she was completely in control of Link.

The servants then released the chains using keys they had on them. Link then started thinking about fleeing, but one look at Namira convinced him that he would get another chance for another time. Her dance was just not something he was willing to sacrifice.
Seeing how he was not moving and just continued looking at her, she smiled.

-I knew you could not resist me. Are you ready, young Hylian?

As on cue, Link found his stare blocked at Namira stomach.

After her statement, she began dancing once more, this time slightly faster so that Link would have a hard time following everything, but would still try to.

-I have found a way so that we can be together, my love.


The hope found in the voice of Link was exactly what Namira wanted to hear.

-It would be quite easy, if we did what I am about to tell you, we could be together forever and I could dance for you every day.

-Tell me.

-You simply have to become my slave.

-What do you mean?

As he asked his question, Namira danced slightly faster again, combining belly roll with hips swayin back and forth. She decided then that she would need the whole strength of the Gerudo seduction dance for this part.

Link could not follow her belly that well, she was going too fast. It was as if he saw her belly doubling, as if it was some kind of mirage or an illusion. He found it incredibly alluring and arousing. The sparkling effect of the belly jewel alone was amazingly seductive to him.

-What I do mean by that is that you would do whatever I tell you to and you would believe me instantly. You will obey me.


-You will name me mistress and worship me.


-I will be the single most important person to you in the whole wild world. You will adore me.


-My wish will be your command.


-My desires are gonna be orders to you.


-You are my slave.

-I am your slave.

She knew he was on the rope now, but he still needed to be done. It was much better to be overdone than simply done in her opinion. She went closer to him while keeping her pace; making sure that her belly would wind up closer to his face.

-I will now snap my finger and you will remember everything I told you during my dancing sessions in front of you. Knowing deep down that everything I told you is true. Knowing how much I went through to make sure you would fall in love with me. That you would gain an immense belly fetish and that your opinion on the Gerudo tribe would be changed. You will now know how much you loved it. How much you loved being hypnotized by my dance. How much you adored when you were under my control. You shall remember everything. You shall now stop looking at my dance and belly and remember.

Namira then snapped her fingers, releasing Link from the deepest trance he ever was in.

-Now Link I offer you two choices. Would you rather go away from this fortress, from this dungeon and continue on with your life. If you choose so, I will give you back your equipment and let you leave without a fuss. Or perhaps would you rather stay as my slave, where I would make you obey my slightest whim, but you would have the chance to see me every day, see my dance everyday and be the father of a new generation of Gerudo that will be better with your help.


-What is your choice?

Link thought about the pros and the cons of each choice considering what happened to him these last days. He then looked at Namira and her wonderful belly.

-I choose slavery.

-Very well, now look closely.

Namira then unleashed again the whole force of the Gerudo seduction dance mere inches from Link face.

-You have no past, the only thing that matters to you is your present day as the slave of the Gerudo tribe. I will now be known to you as your supreme mistress, but you shall also be a slave to the whole Gerudo tribe. Your future is slavery to the Gerudo tribe.

Link was in nirvana, with her supreme mistress belly so close to his face, he was truly and willingly receptive to the Gerudo seduction dance.

-And now, as a symbol of you accepting your status as a slave. You will now kiss my belly.

Link approached his face to her navel and kissed it deeply and passionately. He was now and forever a slave of the Gerudo people.
This is actually the very first hypno story I ever wrote, about a year ago, which was submitted to RicoBanderas9 and was exclusive to this group for a long time.

Not anymore though, as it is now on DA.

This story takes place in the Ocarina of Time period and stars the unnamed second-in-command to Nabooru.

Comments are welcome.

Edit: Well guess what, there is a sequel! [link]
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myst9900 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017
Enjoyed this story so far. Poor Link in a way but in another way to be dominated day after day by beautiful warrior women would be awesome too. Too bad Hyrule would have to suffer as a result of this.
IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Well, there are some follow-ups to this story which shows exactly what happens as a result.
myst9900 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017
Yea I read them all and really enjoyed what I saw so far but I would still like to see what happens next. I do understand that things happen though.
IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Things do happen, but it might still happen that a new chapter will be released eventually.
myst9900 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017
I will look forward to it :)
JordzillaTheThird Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015  Student Artist
yay a seual.
Whyita Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I loved the Gerudo Fortress part of OoT! And as much as I dislike male victims, especially video game characters I'm particularly fond of, I gotta say, the belly fetish thing was really nice :heart: Of course, no one would have to hypnotize me to have that fetish and stare at sexy bellies ;)
IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Heh. ;)
CarolinesMoon Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*swoon* I love you!! :D
Whyita Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I love all his stories :heart: Even though...well, stuff XD You swooning just reminded me of how I always feel imagining myself getting hypnotized like Link...ahhhh... ~.~
IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Well, it's always a nice thing to see someone get affectionate due to something you did. Thank you. :)
emberbarker Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013
This was definitely an interesting take on what I'm sure we all imagined could've happened. But I would be sure to go through and check your grammar and use of words. Some phrases you tend to overuse, and sometimes you left out a few words or used the incorrect tense (one sentence had a present-tense word!).

But this was a very good story!
IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks a lot. English is not the language I usually speak in my everyday life and I do try my best, but stuff like this happen.
emberbarker Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013
Ah, I wondered if you spoke another language more frequently. I completely understand. I just figured it wouldn't hurt to try to offer a little help ^^
IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Allow me then to express my gratitude toward your charitable sentiment. If you do wish to help me in any way or just want to talk about it, let me tend to you an invitation for dialogue through the use of notes. :)
emberbarker Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
Okay, great :) If I get the chance (I'm a busy university student), I'll definitely send a note your way.
ilike2talkbackwards Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
I'm using this way to much, but....DAYUM!!
IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
If that word works perfectly in summarizing how you feel when you read this story, use it as much as you want.
J4RRE77 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I like this, however I'm not sure Link's fiance Ruto would enjoy this.
SpaceShipEarth Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012
IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Glad you liked it well enough.
SpaceShipEarth Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012
I loved it can't wait for more maybe even zelda and minda get captured in later chapters
IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Not to burst your bubble, but it was pretty much a oneshot. If you liked it, though, there's a spiritual sequel I wrote with Aveil, the leader of the gerudo pirates from Majora's mask as the hypnotist.
SpaceShipEarth Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012
CristalMomoStar Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
o,o I'm not even sure how I feel... But I like it. XD
I suppose the one thing that bothered me was not having quotations for the conversations, but I'm favoriting it anyway~
IncredibleIntruder Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the fave on the story, glad you liked it.

Since I was in a rush, I just transfered the story as it was when I wrote it, so this is why there are no quotations in conversations. Still, if you liked it anyway beside that, it is still readable.
CristalMomoStar Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, I understand that feeling ^_^
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