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She must have thought she was smarter than everyone. Causing havoc in a small city, causing changes in well-known heroes and then enslaving a small part of the populace? Truly, this Pink Djinn was delusional.

Lord Turbo had certainly thought so as he had not seen his friend Lady U.S.A. for quite some time. The fair lady being one of his students from way back, the leader of the esteemed Phenomenal Legion had certainly been wary of the fact that the beloved disciple of his had not made any contact after having established herself as one of the prime super hero of Parker city. Being on the case, what he saw was something that peculiar to say the least.

Putting some of his most trusted legionnaires on the task of finding anything odd in the city, there were some things discovered that made it rather suspicious to say the least, such as the fact that some people working at the ''Ce que Gem'' were rather...idiotic to put it mildly. While he certainly did not think that those working in such a store needed to be as brilliant as neurosurgeons, there had been something odd going on with them, as reported by the Crimson Detective, the team's reference in case of criminology and meta-criminology.

A video-surveillance camera from weeks prior revealed the culprit, who had done nothing to actually hide its existence. It was a seemingly Arabian Nights-themed villainess known as the Pink Djinn, a being who had seemingly used charm magic to render some citizens completely helpless in a state of love, lust and hypnosis that made them unable to think of anything else beside her. While they had been utterly unreliable as far as testimony went, Crimson Detective nonetheless knew just what to find in their room. Some jewels were stolen, but the video revealed much more than that.

The video, despite showing the villainess in question using her charms and magic, proved to be harmless in and on itself. Kumahran the great, the sorcerer of greatest competence in the legion proved so, as it seemed that her magic could not pass through recordings, for reasons that even he could not fathom. Her magic proved to be elusive in its methods, yet it was powerful beyond words, as the very scene in which she had changed Lady U.S.A proved to be both perverse and simply incomprehensible. It was something obscene, yet it had simply reduced the powerful heroine into a slave, one that was now cooperating with the Pink Djinn.

Kumahran, knowledgeable in the mystic arts, theorized that this being was an actual djinn, with her title being an actual presentation of her being instead of something catchy. Doing some research, this had proved to be true, with some more information being extremely useful. It seemed that there had been an age in which genies travelled from their dimension to this one, yet had to set a particular object as their recipient in order to do so. The legends and myths being correct, finding their object made them the servants of those that found them, obligating the genies to grant the desires and to obey those who would now be considered their master.

This age of genie, as told by mystical historians, has been long dealt with, as genies no longer desired to be enslaved to any being, the last one being sent back to its home dimension centuries ago. However, it seemed that one particular genie had decided it wanted to come to this dimension in order to wreak havoc. Was it vengeance for an ancestor? Was she sent for a particular reason by her people? So many questions and so little answers.

However, all this research proved to be fruitful after a few days, with Kumahran finishing the spell to find the object binding her to this dimension in the first place. In a most unoriginal revelation, it proved to be a brass bottle of pink colorization, much like the one that had been a staple of a popular television show in the 60's. Finally getting it back, Lord Turbo had done what policemen and heroes of Parker city had failed to do: capture the Pink Djinn. Arriving in the apartment of Lieutenant Derek Styles, the location divined by Kumahran, he and multiple legionnaires went on to finally stop the unknown reign of the genie villainess. Capturing her in the bottle that was bound to her, the Phenomenal Legion had done a great service to the city as they went on to disable Pink Djinn and capture Harem Slave and Derek Styles, those who had been enslaved by the evil being.

With all that done, it should have been the end of it, yet no treatment had been successful for Lady U.S.A., who was currently being held in a cell which made her unable to move a single inch. Every spell, any possible scientific test proved to be futile as the previously powerful and zesty heroine still possessed pink skin and a devotion to a mistress that had been  kept in a bottle for a while now. No one dared to go against the genie, despite the fact that Kumahran had told everyone that if one was smart, one could get her to confess and tell everything. Even Crimson Detective, the best interrogator they had, was wary of the pink-skinned villainess.

However, progress had to be made. Lord Turbo, disappointed and angry about the current predicament of one of his most promising student, went on to the room where Pink Djinn was kept in a bottle. It was a cell, with magical protection that made most spells she could throw rather useless, in which the bottle was kept as the sole object in view. No furniture, no toilet, not mirror, nothing at all except the bottle.

With the latest report of Crimson Detective when interrogating Derek Styles in his hands, Lord Turbo knew that something wasn't right with the information they had. Finally decided, the leader of one of the most successful team went into the cell. Picking the bottle, he began to rub it, releasing the Pink Djinn into his service.

Pink smoke soon went out from the bottle, released as if a storm itself had been kept inside the bottle. Holding his breath and blocking his nose and mouth, Lord Turbo was not one to be fooled by such theatrics, knowing full well what could happen if he swallowed that smoke.

The form of the Pink Djinn soon materialized in all of its beauty. With an allure that would leave many breathless and anticipating some rather specific demands from those releasing her, the genie looked at Lord Turbo with a look that could melt away any resistance whatsoever. ''Greetings, my most amazing master. What can your beautiful servant do f-''

''I command you to not attempt to seduce me in any way whatsoever. You may not make me fall for you, Pink Djinn.'' quickly proclaimed Lord Turbo, as he rubbed the bottle with his thumb quickly.

In a rather quick manner, the very face and beauty of Pink Djinn seemed to be a bit less flamboyant and extravagant, as if a special aura around her had died out with Lord Turbo ordering her around. Her look being undiminished, it was mostly the effect of her sex appeal that went down a few notch, which made it much easier for Lord Turbo to look at her.

With a certain pout on his face, the Pink Djinn floated in the cell, looking down on the super hero. ''I see you have been warned about what I can do. A wise choice from someone who managed to bring me back to this infernal contraption.'' she said disappointedly. It was clear that she immensely disliked her current predicament, for obvious reasons.

However, Lord Turbo was not here for her comfort, but for answers, as he went on to make sure this evil being would know how he wanted things to go. ''Listen to me. I want you to be cooperative, polite and especially truthful to me. If you try to lie, seduce or lead me astray, I will make sure this bottle be destroyed and you along with it.'' retorted the hero, his rather prompt answer betraying a tint of anger.

Surprised by these sudden orders, Pink Djinn returned to the ground, her floating figure descending as she had a certain look of dissatisfaction on her face. ''Very well, master. I shall oblige to your precise commands.'' she replied, bowing before him as if she was compelled to do so.

These actions being against his general beliefs, Lord Turbo nonetheless went on with his queries, as this was a personal matter. Close to no one knew he was there to use this weakness and this curse of slavery, fearing it might corrupt them into doing the unthinkable. He had to do so, however, for the sake of someone dear.

''I have read a report from one of your enthralled subject, Lieutenant Styles. He has told, in explicit details, how he think your powers works as well as your origin. However, those details of his are clashing with what we know and we believe he is...mentally challenged with how his mind was altered by you. Tell me your origins, Ramiyah, if that is your real name...'' Lord Turbo said with a tint of acid in his voice.

Looking down on the floor, Pink Djinn went on to look at him in the eyes, with a certain look of defiance, until it faded to resignation. ''The origin I told both my slaves is not the real thing. How I wish it was true, but alas it is not. I was never a princess, there were no djinn hunters and the djinn society is still very much alive.'' began Pink Djinn, the words coming out of her mouth regularly despite her seemingly not wanting them to.

''Spare me the fake grief and go on.'' went on to say Turbo, who never liked it when villains went on with their childhood and their problems. A look of impatience on his face, he looked down on Pink Djinn, never demanding that she rise from her present position.

''What I am, is a sex slave. There are many ranks in the djinn society, based on colors. Blue is the color of royalty, green of power, yellow is a martial one, grey is a normal color, but pink is one that indicates a blessing, or rather a curse, at being particularly adept at pleasure magic.'' Pink Djinn continued, stopping for a bit as if this recalled some particularly nasty memories.

''Pleasure magic?'' questioned Lord Turbo. He had never heard of such a thing, never from any magician or sorcerer he had talked with. Sure, he had heard in particularly saucy conversations that magic could be used in more...erotic pursuits, but he had never heard of anything specialising on this particular feeling.

Recognizing the tone as one of questioning, Pink Djinn stopped her present explanation. ''Pleasure magic is a type of magic that is loosely connected to the term of satisfaction and sexual pleasure, with this magic powered up by the achievement of it. To be crude, having sex with someone else powers me up.'' went on say Pink Djinn with no hint of shame whatsoever.

Being a bit aghast by what she was saying, Lord Turbo still did not understood her powers that well. ''What, granting pleasure to someone makes them your slave? How exactly does that make you a slave in the djinn society?''

''Djinns and humans are very different. You are three-dimensional beings with five senses, while djinns aren't like that at all. To grant pleasure to a genie is to accommodate all senses. When a human experience this, however, it amounts to something that the human spirit cannot comprehend, which allows a lot of leeway in terms of effects.'' said Pink Djinn, trying very well to be as simple in her explanation as possible.

''So, you granted pleasure that genies have no trouble receiving to humans and it blew their mind, is what you are saying?'' summarized Lord Turbo, a bit incredulous of the whole thing.

''Basically, yes. A dance, my mist, a simple kiss or anything quite like that works with senses humans do not possess, which allows for a bit of creativity for them to work appropriately. Pleasure can be visual, of the touch, of the smell, but also of the mind and of altered senses. If it grant humans pleasure, I can do basically what I want with them. Simple as that.'' concluded Pink Djinn, trying to lower her boasting nature as to not anger the one who had power over her.

''That doesn't explain how you did your things with Mandu and how your transformed Lady U.S.A.'' retorted Lord Turbo with a tone that indicated a certain degree of annoyance.

''Well, magical pleasure is something that requires a certain deal of imagination. If one can process being transformed or being drained of his powers as pleasurable, in an altered state of mind, of course, then it is something I can do.'' went on to say Pink Djinn, getting a bit tired of explaining the same thing over and over again for this ''super hero''.


Crimson Detective was not someone who took failure very well. The man had certain ideas about his own limitations and decidedly disliked when someone tried to turn him down on what he could or couldn't do. He was confident in his skills as an investigator, which had made the capture of the Pink Djinn possible, along with those she had altered.

Being in front of the cell who contained the once-named Lady U.S.A., Crimson Detective knew that they had to find more about the whole situation and he was certain that ''Harem Slave'' had much more information than Derek Styles. Why had she been transformed if not because she was more useful and downright more important to the Pink Djinn? He had to know, even if it was from personal initiative rather than with the approval of the whole legion. They laughed at his recklessness sometimes, but never when it was for the greater good, with greater results coming along with him.

Opening the cell, he thought he was secure. She was restrained so much, she could not move by an inch to perform her belly dance, nor was anything she could from her body to seduce him uncovered. Her mouth, her face, her stomach, her legs, everything was covered in restraints, only allowing for her to breathe and talk and that' it.

From what he had seen and what he had deduced, she was mostly a greatly reduced version of the Pink Djinn herself, which must have made her completely useless right with her mistress kept in a bottle. No one dared to go near that specific object, which made this imminent interrogation something that should be a breeze to the experienced hero.

''Mornin' sunshine. Let us have a chat, shall we?'' opened Crimson Detective, feigning friendliness like a professional.

An awkward silence followed for a few seconds, as the heavily restricted once-heroine said nothing. Unsure if she would be cooperative considering the previous session he had with her, Crimson Detective stood there, determined to at least get an answer from the harem-clad thrall.

His patience soon paid off, as the womanly voice of Harem Slave was soon heard, echoing lightly in the room. ''Ah, there you are, back again for more questions. Crimson Detective, I believe?'' Harem Slave said in a pleasant tone, as if it was the most natural situation for a conversation.

''In person. I'm surprised you bothered to remember who I am, sweetheart. Here I thought you only cared about your mistress. At least, that's clearly what you said when me and the others were in for questioning.'' replied the detective in an almost playful manner.

''Well, I much prefer one-on-one discussions, mind you. I felt it was a little bit crowded for a simple information gathering. Didn't you?'' retorted the restrained slave, never minding her situation at all.

True, Crimson Detective never really enjoyed working with others on whichever task they sent him for. He had always been a loner, yet he always knew that there was always a certain reason behind why the legion took those sort of decision in the first place. ''Well, I can't complain. I'm sure you'll be as tight-lipped as before even with just me asking questions.'' he said in a fake nonchalance, trying to get to play something he was very good at: mind games.

''Yet you came here, detective. Did you wanted to see me alone so badly?'' said Harem Slave in a teasing manner, playful once more.

''Hope,  I can assure you. There's a certain part of optimism in me that can't shake off that you might remember who you were before. Does the name 'Lady U.S.A' rings any bell?'' tried Crimson Detective, ever hopeful it might trigger something.

There was a certain silence, as if the mention of this name disturbed her, which was something he could not see in the first place. Crossing his fingers that it might help this interrogation, Crimson Detective remained in place, holding his breath if he could actually have an intelligent and fruitful conversation with her.

''I can't say that this is something familiar. Is she someone you know?'' replied Harem Slave in a curious tone.

''Yes, it is someone I once knew.'' said Crimson Detective, hiding his disappointment as best he could from his face and voice. This was going to be harder than he thought...


''Fair enough, you've told me how pleasure magic works. Now, get on with your story.'' said Lord Turbo, trying not to sound too exasperated. If only there wasn't so much he needed to know before asking the right question...

''Very well master. I was once a nameless pink djinn, one of many who had to serve other djinns in pleasure. With us being only able to properly use the pleasure domain, we are considered very weak when compared to the other colors who can use three to four domains at the very least. With us being so weak, it was natural in such a society that we be used as playthings. It sounds inhumane per your morality, I presume, but djinns are very different in terms of society.'' Pink Djinn went on to say, sounding as neutral as possible to comply with the previous wishes of Lord Turbo.

''Spare me your sobbing story and get on with how you arrived here and everything that it entails, please.'' went on to say the leader of the Phenomenal Legion, a bit tired of this long-winded explanation.

''Of course master. I once stood up for myself and tried to change things, but alas, was quickly overpowered. With me going against the laws established by higher colors, I had two choices: death or going to the human world.'' continued Pink Djinn, looking up to Lord Turbo from her lower position.

''I suppose you went to the human world, then?'' supposed Turbo, following as best as he could the origin of this criminal being from another dimension.

''Yes, but you must understand why. When going in the human world, we do not lose our power, yet we are restrained in objects such as this bottle, which means...''

''I know that part. If someone find the object, you have to obey his wishes, much like what you are doing with me right now. You can get over that explanation and continue.'' said Turbo, interrupting the criminal before him.

''Very well. The thing is, to have any sort of relationship with a human is considered an impossible ugliness in our dimension. It is an impossible offense to do so, as it lowers anyone doing so, even a djinn of pink colorization. Considering the lack of powers and other magic, this would mean submitting sexually to a human, unable to refuse his advances and whichever dirty perversion he might hide. When faced with that option, most choose death instead of becoming sullen and highly mocked. I chose differently.'' explained Pink Djinn, hoping that this would please him a bit more, as his impatience was stressing her out.

''I see. How come you have no master, then? I see a mention of an unnamed boy who is now a potted plant in my report. Is this part true? Lord Turbo replied, trying to remember everything the Pink Djinn had said so far.

''This part is true, yet incomplete and a bit altered. A boy, someone in the phase you call 'teenager' discovered my bottle, then proceeded to ask for a very simple kiss. Getting ready for what would be the beginning of my humiliating new life, I did as asked, yet found that his very spirit could not support the pleasure I was giving him. It was at that present moment that I saw that I had much more power than I thought over human, which then progressed into me getting to Parker city after I was done with this insupportable boy, free to use my powers in ways I saw fit.'' said Pink Djinn, getting ready to continue her story.

Lord Turbo, however, was getting tired already as his general hatred of this being made him want to stop it right now. ''The rest I know. There was the 'Ce Que Gem', the enslavement of Lieutenant Styles and Lady U.S.A., then the rest which we will get to later. What interests me right now is what you've done to Lady U.S.A. Tell me what you did to her in precise and simple terms.'' said Lord Turbo, getting to the point which interested him most, his patience near its limit.


Deciding a new approach was in order, Crimson Detective went on in a more unorthodox approach. ''You've said many times over that you'd always be loyal to your dear mistress, the Pink Djinn. However, I am curious. What makes a lovely one such as yourself willing to serve, body and soul, someone like her?'' he said, his tone being one of calculated disbelief.

There was no silence this time around, with Harem Slave being rather quick to respond. ''My most lovely mistress showed me pleasure and power I had never heard of. I have no idea who I was before, but once she took care of me, I have never known anything but bliss under her service, which is the kind of promises she makes to those who wants to serve her.'' Harem Slave send with a certain enthusiasm and a certain melancholy that seemed to be attached to some moments Crimson Detective assumed were pure pleasure.

''Sure, sure, but this is a bit vague, isn't it? I mean, how, why and all those questions never occurred to you as to why she has chosen you? How did you feel when you first began to realise you were Harem Slave?'' Crimson Detective proceeded to say.

''It was at the 'Ce Que Gem', a jewelry store. When I was reborn, I could only see her beauty, with every senses in me claiming that she was my personal goddess. My body, mind and soul craved to serve her, which is something she granted to me instantly.'' said Harem Slave with a certain nostalgia and a good measure of happiness.

''Okay, what did she even ask you to do, then?'' retorted Crimson Detective, actually interested to her recalling these events from her own perspective.

''She asked me to hypnotize some policemen outside for her, to use my newfound powers and to try to use them for the first time. Naturally, I was happy to oblige such a superb demand. Upon doing so, I began to charm them by doing a belly-dance, something I knew to do instinctively.'' Harem Slave said, continuing her tale as if she was reliving every instant in her head.

Crimson Detective, finding the story interesting so far, knew that he could perhaps gain a little bit more of her trust by listening to her for a while. Setting her in a more amicable position would perhaps be a lot more productive than anything else, he thought, as he continued to listen to her story...


''I ask this of you again. Tell me what you did to Lady U.S.A...'' retold Lord Turbo, getting a bit more impatient. not letting Pink Djinn enough time to actually retort to his command.

''I transformed her into something that I could say is a replica of me, albeit with diminished versions of my power. I know for a fact that she cannot use her powers in the way that I do, for the most part. However, for the pleasure and hypnosis part, I have to say she was almost a natural. She has a very creative mind and a certain resourcefulness to her that is rather impressive.'' admitted Pink Djinn, actually proud of what her slave could accomplish.

With the information he had sought being in his grasp, Lord Turbo knew exactly what he merely had to ask now. With hope guiding his next steps, he looked down at Pink Djinn. ''Enough with the explanation, I have heard enough.'' he said, calming down a little bit as he would be able to fill in the blanks the legion had one beings like her thanks to this interrogation.

''Finally, I am glad you are satisfied with my explanation, Master.'' said Pink Djinn with a tone that seemed rather satisfied, with a tint of relief being discernible. Looking up at him, a blast of smoke erupted from her navel as the form of a pink-skinned woman with light Asian features formed before him, getting on top of him. Shocked at this sudden apparition, Lord Turbo could do naught as the woman kissed him directly on the lips straight away...


''To see the faces of those police officers was to know satisfaction. My stomach had simply mesmerized them, making them almost honor-bound to obey the urges to surrender their will to me. Their eyes told stories of eternal obedience that made happier than anything in the world. I was enslaving them, obeying the Pink Djinn as I made them my slave in the process. It was magical.'' said Harem Slave, not stopping for one second.

Listening to her, Crimson Detective stood before her silently, willing to listen to her speak more about this incident, to understand just what happened.

''When I was confident they were under my complete control, I returned inside the store with the policemen standing in line, ready to be used for my mistress entertainment. Praising me for my actions, she then proceeded to add them to the line of employees present and gave them a gift. Allowing them to kiss her once on her belly, each person seemed to have understood the appeal of the Pink Djinn the moment their lips touched that sublime stomach of hers.'' Harem Slave said without any restraint on her enthusiasm and enjoyment of those particular moment.

Still keeping quiet, Crimson Detective knew that he was reaching a critical moment. His guts told him so, as he kept on being especially attentive to her story.

''I have no shame in admitting I was a bit jealous of this moment, though. Part of me would have loved for Pink Djinn to actually allow them to kiss my stomach too, just to prove that I was her first and favourite. My own belly was tingling with anticipation, its smooth and soft flesh ready for a kiss of submission that would never come. Right now, it's making my covered stomach shiver in expectations, making me hungry for some love myself just about now.''

Staying silent, Crimson Detective said nothing to this particular moment, listening eagerly to what she was saying.

''I can see that you've stopped asking questions, detective. Are you that interested in my story that you forgot what you wanted to ask, perhaps? Maybe you've actually started to fall for me and my most pleasant voice, with its happiness and enthusiasm being certainly infectious. You seem to like listening to me more and more when I am happy, don't you?''

Crimson Detective had to admit right now that she was much more communicative when she was pleased, which was a good thing for himself too.

''Even now, you're not replying to anything, as you've understood that talking would mean interrupting me and my lovely voice. You've stopped asking questions because you want to listen, to truly hear what I have to say. Hearing me happy is a true pleasure, is it not?

Not exactly sure where she was going, Crimson Detective did not want to even reply to such a statement, preferring to let her fantasies on the situation out for the moment.

''Of course, you will not answer me, as hearing me happy requires for you to listen closely. Still, you have been very pleasant with me, detective and I do believe that you actually want to make me happy. I do believe, due to your deductive skills, that you'd know exactly what would please me above all else right. You do know what I'm talking about, don't you?

He knew all right. It was child's play to understand her present demand. With her voice having crept itself a place in his mind, there was something simply irresistible at the thought of making her happy. She would be more cooperative if he did this, he was sure of it.

Removing the restraint on her stomach, Crimson Detective looked at the finely shaped stomach as he knew what he'd have to do in order to progress in his investigation.


Lord Turbo's mind began to fog over. The pink-skinned assailant that came out from Pink Djinn's navel kept on storming him with multiple kisses, her lips beginning to feel better and better with each subsequent contact of her lips on his. Having trouble to think, he soon fell down on the ground as the woman kept on numbing him down with those growingly pleasurable smooches of her.

Soon enough, his mind went numb as he could not envision receiving enough of them, his body craving for more. For a time, he felt satisfied as the kisses kept on coming, his pleasure senses being definitely overwhelmed for the moment.

Unfortunately for him, there soon came a time when the lips that granted him such bliss stopped pressing against him, leaving him a wreck desiring more. Ready to do anything to even receive a fraction of what he had received, he weakly lifted his arm, only to say a word he would have never believed he could utter in any circumstances. ''Mistress...please...''

Unable to get up from the ground, the effect of this unsurpassable height of bliss made him unable to truly do anything else beside be aware of his surroundings, which was something he was having trouble with for the moment.

Looking up, he could see the woman that had kissed him so lovingly had picked the bottle up, returning it to the Pink Djinn. His eyes settling on the one who he had questioned but a few seconds ago, his vision of her changed drastically as she was now a pinnacle of beauty. She had turned from hated criminal to arousing goddess, his body aching for her as well as the other woman beside her.

Soon, Pink Djinn came close to him as she eyed him with an air of superiority, one that felt deserved in the opinion of Lord Turbo.

''You foolish being. You had me at your beck and call and you could have made sure I was no one else's problem, yet you had to know everything about me despite you knowing my limitations. I suppose you're satisfied?'' said Pink Djinn, scolding and teasing him at the same time.

However, he could not say he was satisfied. There stood the most lovely woman in the whole world, one who he was ready to serve straight away. However, his mind was too addled right now for him to properly express his feelings just now, as he was captivated by her beauty instead.

''I'll presume that meant no. Now you know what everyone feels with pleasure and the natural pleasure that being in mere contact with a pink-skinned djinn feels like. Of course, you'd have known that if you did not interrupt my explanation. It doesn't matter now, though, as I can't let you keep this knowledge. Consider what I'm about to do a final gift for making me aware that I am not invincible, you fool of a super hero.'' proclaimed Pink djinn. Pressing her stomach, particularly her belly button to his mouth, Lord Turbo reacted instinctively as he began to kiss and suckle the navel that belonged to this pleasure goddess.


Crimson Detective, not exactly in control of his actions, was left unaware of that fact as he went and did what he thought would be right for his investigation to develop. Puckering his lips, he began to kiss the delectable-looking belly button of Harem Slave, convinced that it would make her much more cooperative.

As soon as he began to do so, pink mist began to pour out of the superb navel, invading his mouth with its sweetness. The smoke, being rather light and intoxicating, crept its way inside of him as he soon began to need more. His lips glued to the navel of Harem Slave, his will was soon caving in without his knowledge, pleasure replacing it as well as a rising desire of total obedience to this alluring woman.

Recalling what she said, this began to be a revelation for the detective. His cases, his issues, his teammates and everything began to feel growingly meaningless when compared to this unparalleled bliss that he was feeling. His belly bulging from the amount of smoke he was inhaling, he could do so for as long as he felt like. Going on for a few more seconds, he soon began to want more than just the delicious stomach of Harem Slave, his body and mind desiring more from her.

Without any thought to his actions, he began to remove each restraints one by one, letting her arms and legs go first. Every part of her was being freed, only to be kissed lightly by Crimson Detective in his mad lust for Harem Slave. Her breasts, her core, her neck, all received some attention as it made him even more willing to go on with his impulsive thoughts. Finally getting to her face, it was then that he began to touch her cheek in awe, as if he had truly seen her for the first time.

''You can stop now, my slave. I trust you now know what those policemen felt like?'' said Harem Slave, definitely pleased about the effect she was having on him.

He had finally understood. He now knew the exact mindset of her victims and it was transcendent. Nothing could ever be compared to this, that much he knew. There was no other choice but to throw himself at her mercy, to hope she would be kind enough to let him serve her. Kneeling before her, he was now and without a doubt, enslaved by her very being.


Lord Turbo, suckling the delicious navel, kept on feeling a certain pleasurable tingle, feeling weaker with every passing second. Unsure why this was happening, he cared not as the sensation of bliss far exceeded this mysterious sensation.

Soon enough, however, his bliss was enhanced by a smooth feminine touch that kept on massaging and rubbing his crotch. Guessing it was the other sublime woman that had came out from the navel he was now busy loving, Turbo did not really care.

The tingling becoming exponentially more important in its presence due to this recent development, Lord Turbo grew impossibly weak as he felt his forces being drained.

''You are quite powerful it seems. Flight, strength, all sorts of's a great deal of power for just one person...'' went on to say the most beautiful woman in the world, teasing him as her navel was being lustfully attended at this very moment.

He wanted to say that she was worth it, that he would give it to her if it meant more moments like this. Alas, he was getting too weak right now, his mind shutting down as his body soon followed. Reduced to dust, Lord Turbo was no more as Pink Djinn rose up, now armed with quite a lot of power.
Getting to the locked and heavy metal door before her, Pink Djinn pushed it out of the way, impressed by what she had attained from her captor.

Seeing another cell at the end of the corridor she was situated in, curiosity soon made her move to see just who was located there. Looking through the cell thanks to her new powers, she easily recognized Harem Slave who had subdued the will of her captor. Smiling at this sight, Pink Djinn, along with her trusted aide, went to the cell.

Opening it up with as much ease as her very own cell, Pink Djinn looked at the scene of a man in a silly costume looking up Harem Slave in a kneeling position. His belly bulging out from his costume, it was to understand that the mist had been what she had used to enslave him, something she verified with her new vision.

''Mistress! I am so glad to see you are safe!'' proclaimed Harem Slave, bowing before her without looking at her new acquisition.

The one previously known as Ninjet-Sue soon started speaking, however, wary of the situation they were in. ''I am sorry to interrupt such a happy reunion, mistress, but I believe we should get away from here and lay low for a while. The removal of Lord Turbo as well as our escape will not go unnoticed and we'll have to plan ahead for whatever might come next.''

''B-but they still have Derek. Don't tell me we'll have to leave him in their clutches?'' replied Harem Slave, decidedly hurt that they'd have to leave her husband in this very place.

Pink Djinn, seeing the wisdom in the advice of her ninjutsu skilled aide, looked at Harem Slave with a certain apologetic expression on her face. ''Don't worry, my slave. We'll return and get him back once we have an actual plan. I don't know enough to properly know if I can actually fight a whole team of 'super heroes' by myself.''

A bit hurt, Harem Slave nonetheless complied as she motioned for Crimson Detective to follow them. The man, getting up rather quickly, could not believe his luck as he would follow his mistress alongside two extremely alluring and mesmerizing women.

Looking at both of her slaves and the newest one, Pink Djinn chanted for a teleportation spell, using the powers she had stolen from Mandu the Mystic in the process.

Angry, it was sure that she would be coming back against those who had put her back in her bottle and wanted to destroy what she had built. It was only a matter of time...
Considering I was motivated after reading :iconemperornortonii: and his comic version of my first part of the ongoing story of Pink Djinn, I felt like a new chapter would be due.

This one is a ret-con of some sort of her origin as well as a certain direction to the story, without destroying the general themes and what came before. I was a bit dissatisfied of the second chapter, so this is a way to remake it without removing what went before.

Of course, this is a continuation of the story in general, with this one being part 5. Those starting with this one shall be utterly confused, so just go ahead and read the previous chapter before this one.

All in all, this is actually a rather long chapter, perhaps the ongest one in the saga of the Pink Djinn, which is something I'm rather happy about. Anyway, enjoy the new chapter.

Also, I'm taking suggestions for a super-villain name for Ninjet-Sue. I haven't thought of a clever or awesome name combining harem, genies and ninjas for her, despite me trying very hard to do so. Something catchy that sounds like a super-hero name would be awesome, so if anyone has any idea for one, I'm all ears.

Comments are also very much welcome.
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